Kama Ayurveda Sensitive Skin Cleansing Foam Review

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How are you all doing? Last weekend was a shopping weekend for me. With the mid-season sale in most of the places like Marks and Spencers, Promod and Vero Moda, I was delighted to buy some tops and trousers on 50% discount. The collection was amazing and I was able to find my size also. I also did pick up few products from Kama Ayurveda. I have been using their products and been very happy with them. The ambience and fragrance in the store make me go back again and again and I feel satisfied that I am buying the real ayurvedic products. Today, I am reviewing Kama Ayurveda Sensitive Skin Cleansing Foam for all you beauties.

Kama Ayurveda Sensitive Skin Cleansing Foam Review

Price: INR 795 for 50 ml
Product Description:
Perfect for delicate skin, this Foam removes impurities and excess oils, without stripping away skin’s essential moisture. Pure Sandalwood Oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, that help soothe and cool sensitive, reddened or irritated skin. Cold-pressed Aloe Vera Leaf Juice provides intense hydration, while also controlling flaking, redness and tightness. Naturally restorative Calendula heals damage caused by pollution and environmental irritants, and keeps the skin protected. This soft, plush Foam leaves skin feeling fresh, healthy and comfortable.

How to Use:
A gentle lather that settles on, and seeps into skin without any adverse reactions. Experience evident softness from the first use itself. Regular use ensures a clear, luminous, and taut complexion.

My Experience with Kama Ayurveda Sensitive Skin Cleansing Foam:

Come summer and it brings in a variety of skin problems due to the heat and humidity. Tanning, skin breakouts and discolouration are few of them which I undergo every year. The urge to apply something cool on the face to soothe the heat and sunburn is high; sandalwood is something I always reach out for along with rose water to apply on the little pimple to calm it down. The skin becomes so sensitive during this time for some reason.

Kama Ayurveda Sensitive Skin Cleansing Foam Ingredients

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As my night cream was over and I wanted to visit the Kama Ayurveda store, the staff there introduced me to the ‘Kama Ayurveda Sensitive Skin Cleansing Foam’. The fragrance immediately clicked on me and I had to pick this up as it was especially for sensitive skin. For an instance I felt it was specially designed keeping my concerns in view.

Kama Ayurveda Sensitive Skin Cleansing Foam Packaging

Starting with the packaging, it comes in a round plastic sturdy bottle with a white colored broad pump that has a cap. The bottle has the complete ingredient list and usage tips. The product has an expiry of 2 years. The light green colored floral patterned sticker – on which the name and contents are written with brownish golden words – gives a soothing look.

Kama Ayurveda Sensitive Skin Cleansing Foam Consistency

The pump dispenses a large almond sized foamy product that is white in color. The liquid itself is light brown colored though. The foam has a fragrance of sandalwood which is quite prominent. Sandalwood, aloe vera and calendula are the main ingredients in this cleanser, which are known for soothing inflamed skin, anti-oxidant properties and skin tightening.

Kama Ayurveda Sensitive Skin Cleansing Foam Swatch

Once home, I make it a point to clean my face well with a makeup remover to take away the foundation, eye makeup and lipstick thoroughly. As most products are long staying ones, a makeup remover removes all the stubborn makeup. After that, on damp skin, I generally apply 2 pumps of the cleansing foam, which is sufficient to cover my entire face. The cleanser spreads well and thoroughly cleanses the skin.

Kama Ayurveda Sensitive Skin Cleansing Foam Consistency

The cleanser removes the dust, oil and dirt well; however, it’s not that great with the removal of makeup, though mild ones do get cleaned. When washed, the skin feels clean and the excess oils are removed. The fragrance of sandalwood soothes the senses as well. There is no feeling of dryness or itchiness at all. I loved this little bottle of goodness and found it apt for travel as well. The cleanser can be used twice easily.

Pros of Kama Ayurveda Sensitive Skin Cleansing Foam:

• Beautiful pump style transparent packaging
• Travel-friendly size and packaging
• Has a mild fragrance of sandalwood and calendula
• Does not dry out the skin
• Leaves a clean and supple skin after wash
• Works well on breakouts and mild skin problems
• Natural
• Dermatologically tested

Cons of Kama Ayurveda Sensitive Skin Cleansing Foam:

• Expensive

IMBB Rating: 4.75/5
Would I Recommend Kama Ayurveda Sensitive Skin Cleansing Foam?
The bottle would last 2 months easily when used twice a day. This little bottle is surely a must-try for all beauties who have sensitive or acne prone skin, if you do not mind the price.

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