Kangna Ranaut’s Style Decoded

Kangna Ranaut’s Style Decoded

“I think everybody is so badly dressed that I end up getting all the attention. In fact, I would want to do more outrageous dressing, and be more experimental.” – Kangna Ranaut.

Kangna Ranaut’s Style Decoded

When its sleek, its in, but when its sleeky sleek, its Kangna! This is primarily what Kangna Ranaut follows! Ever bothered to notice, how with each movie she does, her character dissolves with the look she carries making her look naturally beautiful over the screen.

Kangana Ranaut

Read on to explore her grooming quotient!

Kangna began her tryst with fashion with her debut movie “Gangster,” where the emphasis was laid on a “distressed” attitude.  Her locks were left naturally curly. Her attire had minimal cuts or layers.


Makeup wise, her eyes were a toxic beauty. The play here was just concealer and smoked kohl. I am sure your boyfriend must have been drawn to her!

kangana ranaut

She then experimented with her looks in, “Life in a Metro.”

Life in a Metro

She was seen with shorter and straightened hair with a side bang in front. Her attire was sophisticated with crisp shirts and skirts. Only a tinted pink moisturizer was used and of course the glasses!

Then came the most awaited fashion epic, “Fashion” which highlighted her presence as a style icon. (I can still remember, I watched it 3 times in a cinema hall, just to track how she enters in the movie with the song, Jalwa!).


She experimented with a side bob gothic look and later her curls flourished again. The makeup used was such that cheeks were made to camouflage with the jawline, leaving the latter with more prominence. Her lip makeup just essentially involved lip lining through the entire lip and spreading through with the lip brush. This rendered more precision. If one observes carefully, the detailing on her clothes starts a distance below the neck. The reason here is to accentuate her bust area more and give it a glamorous push. Intelligent usage of bronzing was done.

More recently, she did a refreshed look of Fashion in “Raaz 2” as well.

Raaz 2

Her curls were thrown more as beach waves with a hair mousse intelligently put. More of satiny make up was done. (I personally liked her look in “Mahi Mahi.”  I follow the same!)

I guess she knew she had ambassadored this style and now it was time for her to initiate the vintage look. This is what she did for “Once Upon A Time In Mumbai.”

Once upon a time in Mumbai

Her attire was so fit that it looked it was knit on her! More prominently, reflecting colors were used. Her hair was tied in buns, full and half both, but buns were a necessity. Extensive use of pearls and leather bags were used whether big or small.

Kangna is a blessed beauty in western wear, but who knew she could look good, and better in a traditional avatar as well! She turned around in “Tanu Weds Manu” with her style.

Tanu Weds Manu

No frame of Saadi Gali was captured without her! Golden was the base line here-Golden Earrings, Golden Brocade Borders, Golden Zari Work and even Golden Hair! But yes, these were not clumped together and were used in Isolation. (My IMBB tip to our readers would be to skip Golden Hair. These things might look good over the screen but may turn a fashion faux pass off screen.)

Her Fundamental Style:

  • Her eyebrows are rounded in arch. She never tries to alter their shape. Its been the same throughout. Brush your eye brows regularly. May be, Kareena should take lessons!
  • She uses solid colours. She never almost mixes and matches. Maintaining symmetry is important.
  • She is a hit when she is seen with matte lips, some with lip liners. Lip glosses may look kiss ready, but crisp lips are seductive! Refer Aishwarya Rai in “Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya” and Loreal Total Repair 5. Try using good lip brushes to get good results and brush your teeth regularly!
  • Her hands are wow! Or at least they look like one. Observe her fingers while she poses. They are in a kink, with her palms and wrist absolutely flattened.
  • Bronzing is our secret key. She mostly contours with 2 shades of bronzers on her cheeks – a lighter and a darker shade following her lower cheekbones.

Shootout at Wadala


With Krrish 3 ,where she is set to play a superwoman, I am sure she would take the fashion world to a next horizon altogether and how can I not mention about her presence in Riteish and Genelia’s wedding bash! She has never looked this stunning ever! Read my next post to decode her style.

Kangana Ranaut

Girlies, Tell Me, How did you find my first post? I am returning to fashion after a long time, but it seems I am still quite in touch in my sub-conscience!

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38 thoughts on “Kangna Ranaut’s Style Decoded

  1. Welcome to IMBB Kriti and I admire Kangna Raunat’s style though it sometimes looks dramatic and edgy 🙂

        1. So its good na!!
          Whoever does it is most welcome, whoever does not can go to hell!!
          Speaks your attitude!!
          Jokes apart, what does it actually mean?

          1. Does not actually mean something great…just that Jo = sweetheart in English and mol = daughter in malayalam

                1. Kya hua??
                  You wrote , it does not actually mean great.
                  I am telling you your name means a sweatheart, what extra greatness you want!!

  2. i love her style. it looks like ki she takes care to dress up and even when she is in jeans and a shirt its like bahut soch samaj ke she has put it together. and i think its the overall persona that adds to her look.

  3. Havent observed Kangana so minutely… Gr88 post kriti… I like her look in ganster.. U mentioned Smoked Kohl, can anyone give any idea about how to achieve this look ??

    1. Hey Neha!
      I am glad you liked the article!
      You have to use atleast 2 colors of the same family. Dark. Black and Purple families are the best.
      Instead of the kajal that you use, you may use the eyeshadow itself with a precise applicator. Try wetting the shadow a little. Refrain from glitter eyeshadows here. Use more of the quantity on the outer edge.
      Dont forget to conceal the area under your eyes. Dont add mascara in the lower lash. Use loads in the upper lash!
      I hope you get an idea!!

  4. Hi Everybody!!
    Thanks a lot!!
    Yes, I follow her quite often.
    I am glad everybody liked it !!
    I shall come back on her recent look soon!!
    Keep Addicted 😀

  5. Wow u r a great fan of hers eh? I like her style sometimes bt at times she looks garish nd her her dumbness nd horrible english doesnt help much ..

  6. Wow u r a great fan of hers eh? a very well put together post….
    I like her style sometimes bt at times she looks garish nd her her dumbness nd horrible english doesnt help much ..

    1. Hahaha!! Yeah Leez!!

      Her English is way too horrible!!
      But, if you see, she didnt have much of script in Fashion, but she bowled over…completely.
      Personally, she was way better than Priyanka!!

  7. Lip collagen was a disaster, and so was her excuse of “Bee stung”. But her cheek job was nicely done I guess!

  8. WOW great post kriti … great post . . .coming from a moderate background and establishing her style identity in B-town . . . she deserves more than just applauds !!! adore her totally 🙂 .. .

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