Kara Cleansing & Hydrating Refreshing Wipes Review

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Skin Type: Oily & Sensitive

Hello ladies,

I love to use Kara’s wipes; they are really good and affordable. Today’s review is going to be on Kara Cleansing & Hydrating Refreshing Wipes. Let’s get into the review.

Kara Cleansing & Hydrating Refreshing Wipes

Price: Rs. 50/- (10 wipes)
Product Description & Ingredients:
Kara Cleansing & Hydrating Refreshing Wipes details

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My Experience with Kara Cleansing & Hydrating Refreshing Wipes:

Kara Cleansing & Hydrating Refreshing wipes come in a very fresh white plastic pack with all the details. Its aqua print indicates the refreshing nature of the wipes. The front seal can be opened and resealed again safely. It is very easy to pull this wipes. Seal is good in quality & even after using it for a week, the seal closes tightly and it is still in safe condition. One pack contains 10 wipes so it is light weight pack that is easy to carry.

Kara Cleansing & Hydrating Refreshing Wipes name

As it contains cucumber and Aloe Vera so it has a very fresh pleasant smell to it which actually feels so refreshing. It instantly provides that soothing effect during a hot day.

The actual wipes are made of viscose material with extremely soft texture. They are good in size that covers the whole face and the material is neither thick nor thin. It is the softest wipes I have ever tried. It feels extremely gentle on skin. It feels like a smooth feather on skin that gently goes on skin. The wipes are well saturated that never dries up quickly, so until I remove all the makeup it still feels wet.

Kara Cleansing & Hydrating Refreshing Wipes open

The wipe cleans all the dirt from my face and also removes all the excess oil from face without making it dry. It is very good for normal makeup like kajal, foundation, compact and lipstick and it also easily cleans my water-proof makeup. It wipes off all the glittery shadow with its second swipe. But this is not excellent for waterproof mascara and gel liner. I need to rub multiple times to remove my water-proof mascara and gel liner. But this is a common problem with all high end wipes too. It never makes skin red, even with little rubs. So I don’t mind about this fact. These wipes are always good to clean face.

Kara Cleansing & Hydrating Refreshing Wipe

Kara Cleansing Hydrating Refreshing Wipe

As I usually not use lots of makeup in my daily life so it is very good for me. I love the way how it makes skin super soft after removing all the dirt. My skin feels so hydrated and it never makes my skin oily. It provides super soft smooth, moisturized skin. It is good for all skin types. Some wipes feel dry during winter but I feel that this is a very good option for winter days also. It provides a soothing touch to my skin that feels fresh and light. It leaves a non sticky smooth texture.

Overall, I love this wipe and its super soft smooth texture that feels like a feather on skin and these are very gentle for sensitive skin to clean dirt and makeup. It is definitely good for acne and pimple prone skin too. It never broke me out and these wipes are alcohol free.

Kara Cleansing & Hydrating Refreshing Wipes demo

Pros of Kara Cleansing & Hydrating Refreshing Wipes:

• Travel friendly packaging and very reasonably priced.
• Has super fresh smell.
• Extremely soft and smooth textured wipes.
• Feels super gentle, just like a feather on skin.
• Wipes don’t dry out quickly.
• Easily cleans all the dirt from face and makes skin fresh.
• Effectively removes all the makeup, even waterproof makeup.
• Leaves non oily, non sticky skin.
• Wipes feels very soothing and fresh.
• Provides amazing hydration to skin.
• Good for dry season too.
• Alcohol free; good for sensitive skin.

Cons of Kara Cleansing & Hydrating Refreshing Wipes:

• It needs little effort for water proof mascara & gel liner.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Kara Cleansing & Hydrating Refreshing Wipes?
This is really good for my basic daily makeup. So definitely I will repurchase this. And you should try this wipe. It is very gentle for all skin as a daily-use face wipes.

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