Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes Orange Review

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Today’s review is going to be on the final variant of Kara Nail Polish Remover wipes. I have already reviewed, all the rest three variants and here is the review of the variant ‘Orange’. Let’s get into the details.


Product Description:


Price: Rs. 100 for 30 wipes

My Experience with Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes Orange:


Nail polish remover wipes, come in a white paper box, with all the details. There is a nice orange print on the packaging, that indicates the variant. Inside the box, actual wipes are stored in a white plastic round container with screw cap. Container is safe to store and it closed tightly also. It is totally easy to carry around and it looks so pretty. One jar contains 30 wipes at INR 100, that is so cheap.


This orange wipes, smell exactly like a fresh orange juice, that feels very pleasant. I love this critus smell, that never feels overpowering. I always hate that strong alcoholic smell of regular remover, so it brings a change. There is no irritation of strong smell. It feels very fresh. I like orange smell, so I love it. The smell stays on nails for decent time also.


Wipes come in a medium round size, that is good for a single nail. They are placed on top of the other and they are easy to peel from the row. All the wipes looks plain white in color and the texture is quite smooth and soft. This thin wipes are gentle for nails. All the wipes are full of moist or oil which makes it a perfect wet wipe. I really love the quantity of the moist present in these wipes; they are enough for my nails. I never feel any dryness in the wipes. They also contain olive oil and that’s why they feel so oily and super moisturizing. I mostly need one-two wipes for my 10 nails. It depends on the color of my nails. Darker shades needs extra wipe to remove the stain.


I need a clean wipe to remove all the mess off darker shade. Usually, I place this on the top of my nail and keep it for few second, and then I gently rub the wipe on my nail and my nail color comes off easily, with few rubbings. This is so easy to use and it only takes few min to clean all the nails. It also can remove my glitter nail paint smooth and easy, yet it takes extra time than usual, for darker shade and glittery nail paint. Overall, it can clean all my nail paints smooth, without hurting my nails.


As it contains olive oil, so it never makes my nail dry. My nails look oily after using it and they are extremely hydrated. It provides instantly smooth, soft nails. Sometimes, I feel that it is over oily, that I need to wash my hand nicely. Oil looks messy on nails as well as on the other hand. But, I am so happy with its nourishment and my nails look healthy. It never leaves any white cast. There is no scratch or peel off happens on my nails after using this. This is really good for dry nails like me. It never irritated my skin too.


Overall, I love these effective nail polish remover wipes and I love this fresh smell too. My nails look yellow, due to henna, but it removes all the color perfectly. According to its price, it is totally a worth buy.

Pros of Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes Orange:

• Nice safe packaging.
• Super affordable and good quantity.
• Fresh citrus smell of orange.
• Smell stays good on nails.
• Super moist wipes and never feel dry.
• One-two wipes can clean almost 10 nails.
• Removes all the nail color easily without any hard effort.
• Can remove glitter nail paint.
• Keeps nails moisturized and smooth.
• Contains olive oil and vitamin E that makes nails so soft.
• Never makes scratch or no peeling.
• Acetone-free.

Cons of Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes Orange:

• Takes time to remove darker and glittery color properly.
• Sometimes feels too oily.
• Need to wash nail must.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes Orange again?
Yes, for both. It does its job perfectly and it is easy to use. So, it’s a must have at this price.

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