Kareena-Inspired Nude Makeup Look Tutorial

By Deepti Goyal

It is truly said that eyes are the reflection of our inner beauty. So it is essential to take proper care of our eyes. Doing proper and perfect makeup is just as important so that it clearly reflects your personality. So, here is a tutorial of a celebrity nude makeup look for sporting the confident look!

kareena inspired look tutorial

Step 1:

kareena inspired look tutorial step 1

The preliminary step for each makeup is the base. So we will start by applying gel eye base on both the eyes from the brand Makeup Studio. Then comes the setting of eyebrows by softly and gently using comb and filling the gap with Matt finish black or brown shade. The shades are used as per the color of eyebrows. Now use cream base copper eyeshadow of Kryolan all over the eyes.

Step 2:

kareena inspired look tutorial step 2

Now on the top of that use light peach color matt finish eye-shadow from the brand Urban Decay Electric Palette just to give natural effect.

Step 3:

kareena inspired look tutorial step 3

After setting the eyebrows properly, use tape on both the sides as a guideline for eye shadow application. Simultaneously, smoke out the corner of the eyes with a hint of black eyeshadow from the brand Makeup Studio. Highlight the brow bone with golden shade from Makeup Studio.

Step 4:

kareena inspired look tutorial Step 4

Now it’s time to apply a dark kajal from the brand Maybelline. It should be applied smoothly and carefully so that it looks similar all the way. Smoke out the kajal with the help of cotton buds; technically people also call them Q Tip.

Step 5:

kareena inspired look tutorial Step 5

After the process of smoking out the kajal, use false eye-lashes to give eyes a glamorous effect and make them look more attractive.

Step 6:

kareena inspired look tutorial step 6

When all the above mentioned steps are completed, a glossy effect has to be given to the lips by using Makeup Studio Nude Lip Palette.

Products Used:

kareena inspired look tutorial Products used

About the Makeup Artist:

This is Deepti Goyal, Makeup Artist at Xpose Makeup Studio, Jodhpur. I started in December 2012 and till today I have worked with Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities and have also used my makeup skills in a Hollywood Documentary. I have served a Hollywood celebrity for her destination wedding in India. And by the grace of GOD, I have been able to satisfy more than 4000 clients till date with different styles. I took basic and advance makeup classes from Celebrity Makeup Artist Vidya Ji Tikari, red carpet and glamorous makeup classes from Hollywood makeup artist Kettie Cousin and Advanced Arabic Eyes from London College of Makeup Academy, Dubai.

CV: https://www.visualcv.com/deepti-goyal
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XposeMakeupStudio/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deeptigoyaldeepti/

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12 thoughts on “Kareena-Inspired Nude Makeup Look Tutorial

    1. Thanks dear!! The foundation is from the brand MAKEUP STUDIO!! I will soon be preparing a tutorial on applying foundation and will also share the tips for perfect highlighting and shading!!

  1. Deepti the makeup looks flawless.please do a complete tutorial in base application to it.Loved the eye makeup sweetie,it is awesome . You have done a lot of work in and it was good to read about you.

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