Kareena Kapoor: Celebrity Style Check

Kareena Kapoor: Celebrity Style Check

Guest Post by Supriya B

Kareena Kapoor Celebrity Style Check

She is probably the current top actress (apologies Piggy Chops aka Priyanka Chopra, just hang in there a while longer :blush: ) who has been known to give her opinion even when not asked. She is frank, forthright (though I see her mellowing down a bit) and very stylish.  She is often seen as a bigger celebrity than an actress and she is one hell of an honest woman to admit she prefers being a bigger celeb unlike the rest who blame it on directors for not making women-oriented films.

Let’s take a look at what Kareena’s filmy career has been like.  She started with turning down a film that was a box office success for a film that flopped badly, and yet it was a right decision there. Yes, she turned down “Kaho Na Pyar Hai” for “Refugee, ” her reason was that KNPH had no scope for the female lead, at least, she read the script for that one.

As a film, “Refugee” may have flopped, but people did notice her acting skills.  Also, her look was very unconventional, playing a village girl, and not the over the top kind.  She wore her hair in a braid through most of the film. There was very light makeup and a barely there lipstick and she totally rocked the massive nose ring.


Another film where Kareena took the risk was “Asoka.” She had crazy eye makeup and pale skin that looked even paler, but she rocked the whole look. It was desi, bohemian chic.  “Asoka” was a very bad film and I am not surprised it flopped so badly, but the looks created in the film were surely something else.


However, Kareena was not always the darling of beauty gurus. She used to be a plump and chubby girl, who wore strange makeup on numerous occasions, not to mention she used to be blonde and how and though I never loved the blonde look, she managed to popularize it with all the ladies, young and old going blonde, honey blonde as they called it, but she single handedly pushed up the sales of hair colour and conditioning masques which says a lot.

blonde hair

However, Kareena came into her own and started a new cult style, as a college-going girl in Yuva. She played the high school sweetheart, the popular high school/college girl in K3G was Kareena being herself, preening away, looking pretty and dolled up, but she started taking her acting career a bit more seriously and you had her looking like we all looked (only a lot less gorgeous and stylish) when we went to college. She wore simple and eclectic clothes, had a freshly-scrubbed look about her and wore her hair loose and crimped to go with her boho look. I am guessing she wore kajal, and not kohl through this film, since her eyes looked glossy the way kajal makes them look.


Another movie where she makes kajal look like an absolute must-have is “Omkara.” She plays the girl from UP with such style and elan, using barely any makeup, just kohl and a touch of blush with nude lipstick or gloss. She has even made a bare face a “style icon.” A no-makeup look  because I detect some base being used in the photo, that she carries off with so much dignity that it is impossible to not see how gorgeous she looks even without makeup.


Today, we all know Kareena Kapoor as the woman who brought size zero to bollywood. The film flopped, but she managed to get out of it with shining reviews. Personally, I loved “Tashan,” I know not many would agree, but the film had style and a cheeky sense of humour. In Tashan, the cherubic and chubby-cheeked Kareena went lean and mean. She was gutsy,brave and very saucy. She rocked the bikini and wore the bronzed look with style. So far, I don’t think she had given up her fair “Kapoor skin,” but in the song Chaliya from Tashan, she rocked a bronzed look with bikini and beach waves, complete style diva material.


Things have not been the same since Tashan, she may have lost weight, put some back on and then lost again, but she is far more style conscious now. You won’t see her with too much makeup or typical makeup looks. She is far more chic, takes a lot more style risks , has not bleached her hair again (and thank God for that).

See her in “Ek Main aur Ekk Tu” and you know that she is playing up her features, dressing to suit the role, and yet staying very chic and trendy.

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

She is even the brand ambassador of Lakme Absolute and not that people haven’t noticed, she looks absolutely gorgeous in the ad.

Lakme Absolute Kareena

She has done a fabulous job in films like “Chameli” and “Jab we met,” but I had to choose films based more on the novelty and style value. For those who don’t know, though I doubt there are any such readers here, Kareena Kapoor is the youngest daughter of Randhir and Babita.

chammak challo

Personal Information from the internet:

Born in Mumbai, India, on September 21, 1980, into the Kapoor film family, Kapoor is the youngest daughter of actors Randhir Kapoor and Babita (née Shivdasani); her elder sister Karisma Kapoor, is also an actress. She is the granddaughter of actor and filmmaker Raj Kapoor, great-granddaughter of actor Prithviraj Kapoor, and niece of actor Rishi Kapoor. According to Kapoor, the name “Kareena” was derived from the book Anna Karenina, which her mother read while she was pregnant with her.  Often informally referred to as Bebo, she is of Punjabi Khatri descent from her father’s side and on her mother’s side she is Sindhi.

As a child, she had strong aspirations to become an actress, and was particularly inspired by watching the films of Bollywood actresses Nargis and Meena Kumari Kapoor, who describes herself as a “very naughty spoilt child,” would regularly dress up in her mother’s clothes and perform in front of the mirror.  Her father disapproved of women entering the acting profession because he believed it conflicted with the traditional maternal duties and responsibility of women in the family. This led to a conflict between her parents and resulted in Kapoor’s mother leaving the house with her two daughters.  After her parents’ separation, she was raised in Lokhandwala by her mother, who worked several jobs to support her daughters until Karisma debuted as an actress in 1991.  In an interview with Vir Sanghvi, Kapoor said that growing up in a household filled with women helped her become strong and independent. Following her parents’ reconciliation in October 2007, explained that they “were never officially divorced separately.” Asked about the relationship she shared with her father, Kapoor remarked, “My father is… an important factor in my life, though we did not see him often in our initial years, we are a family now.”

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  1. I love kareena kappoorr and her style :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    I think the movie “Jab We Met” is the best thing that has happened to her till date…. :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:

  2. She has grown so much since her debut!! as a style diva. I just love her style. She truly looks glamorous in what ever she wears or carries these days, I’m not a big fan of her as an actress, I think she’s okay but as a fashionista she is just mindblowing! :inlove:

  3. what is amazing about kareena is , from an outspoken over the top person , she has become a mellowed down person, who takes fashion risks, but not without weighing the pros and cons, and she does give a lot of diplomatic answers. I knw by and large people hated Tashan, but I really liked her in the film, it was a different zone , that of someone who fights and is willing to take ppl for a ride.. she did a great job.. some of the other films of hers i love are yuva and omkara .. she took fashion risks, acting risks and proved all critics wrong .. thts what makes me such a staunch kareena supporter..

  4. Thank you Supriya for this wonderful article, I just thoroughly enjoyed your take on Kareena Kapoor. I too like for her sense of style which is not weird yet very stylish :woot:

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