Kareena Kapoor Eye Makeup Kurbaan and Three Idiots

Kareena Kapoor KurbaanIf you have watched Kurbaan and Three Idiots, you would have noticed the usage of blue liner on Kareena’s eyes. I super loved the blue liner and heavy kohls used in her looks. There were a few differences and similarities I found in both her looks. While Kurbaan had heavier lid makeup, in three idiots more focus was given on her lower lash line. Kareena wore glasses in 3 idiots. When you wear glasses most of your top eyelid makeup  goes unnoticed because the glass frame hides the makeup. Through glasses your lower lashline is more visible so with glasses, one must focus on accentuating the lower lashline more than the upper one.

Also the Kurbaan eye makeup would look the best if you do with liquid liners, gel liners or pen-tip liners as opposed to pencil liners. 3 idiots makeup can very well be done with few strokes of pencil liners.

Sadly there are no close pics of Kareena in 3 idiots are available on net. I somehow managed to pick the following pic from the video. Can I patent it? 😛

In 3 idiots, the makeup was more smudged while in Kurban, her makeup had fine sharp outlines, flicks etc.

Kareena Kapoor 3 idiots makeupThe common things was that the lips were kept on the nudish-pinkish side and cheeks were given a fresh glow with light pink flush.

After watching both the movies, I was badly hunting for the exact blue eye liner. I looked for Maybelline gel liner but no stores had even heard of it. I found similar gel liner shades at MAC and Inglot but the price held me back.

Also, I wanted a liner that could smudge a bit and then smudge no more.

My hunt for the Kareena’s blue liner ended with Revlon’s Luxurious Color Kohl Liner in Midnight Blue (Rs 575). Not only I got the closest shade but also a creamy formula, a long stay liner, a little smudge without going overboard, and a matte finish. Exactly what I was looking for. I have fallen in love with it to bits and pieces.

I picked up a bit from Kurbaan and a bit from three idiots and recreated this look in just five easy steps. 😛

With Flash
With Flash
Without Flash
Without Flash

I had been very tired today hence the red eyes and ugly dark circles (didn’t bother to conceal my eyes).

5 Step Kareena Kapoor inspired makeup from Kurbaan and 3 idiots:

1. Apply foundation as base, then apply the brow colour from Maybelline Chai latte eyeshadow pallette all over the lid upto the browbone.

Maybelline Chai Latte2

2. Line your eyelids with Lakme’s Bridal Sutra Eye Artist (use any black liquid liner that is glossy and shiney) keep it thicker at the outer edge of the eye and thinner at the inner corner of eye.

Lakme Eye Artist

3. With Revlon’s Luxurious Color Kohl Liner in Midnight Blue go exactly over the black line that you created on your eyelid and lightly smudge the blue liner with a brush to soften the harsh edges.

Revlon Luxurious Kohl Liner

4.With the same blue liner line your lower lashline and smudge it with the either an angled(MAC 208) / pencil (MAC 219) brush.

5. With Lotus/ Himalaya Herbal Kajal line your waterline. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of Mascara.

Colorbar Duo Mascara

The only tip would be to work with a fine sharpened eye pencil to get a fine look.

Done! This is exteremly wearable look. So happy! :)Ta ra la la la !

Note: All images can be clicked an enlarged.

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So, how do you find the look?


20 thoughts on “Kareena Kapoor Eye Makeup Kurbaan and Three Idiots

  1. EXCELLENTLY done! i have never dared to sport such boldly rimmed eyes even though i use the most whackiest shades of eyeshadow ever. youve nudged me a bit! hope to try this soon.

  2. hey, a cheaper alternative to your revlon blue liner is maybelline unstoppable eyeliner in sapphire. this too is matte and has the exact same colour. it “smudges a bit, then smudges no more”, as you put it! i dont recall the price but it was around 250-300 bucks.

    the only problem i had with it was removing it. its a little waxy and tough to remove but i think with a makeup remover or certain oils (baby oil/olive oil) it will come off just fine. i use neither, just lotion, so i have faced problems removing it.

    BUT, i would like to offer a word of caution. since childhood, i have been unfortunate enough to be a regular victim of styes, you know that tiny swelling in the eye? well i have noticed that this condition is aggravated more after i use this liner. thats why i have stopped using this liner regularly though i love it so much! 🙁 its still totally worth a try and i hope it wont cause you problems if you ever use it.

  3. Thanks Rima. For some reason I have noticed that that heavily kohled eyes look good on me and thankfully I can pull them off as well. 🙂

    I was a little reluctant in buying the Maybelline liner because I kind of didn’t like the texture too much. I might be wrong since you are praising about it. I always use olive oil to remove any kind of eye makeup so the harshest of liners come off without tagging my pulling my eyes.

    I am particularly keen about buying eye makeup. I use only herbal kajals for my waterline even if the wax eyeliners say that they are dermatologically tested and stuff. Also these days I particularly like buying liners that can be sharpened. After what you have stated about Maybelline, I guess I will let it go. 🙁

  4. I haven’t seen either of the movies..I’m so behind with Bolly world these days. Kareena’s eyes sure look better in Kurbaan. U say u have dark circles but i don’t see any . Anyways, love yr eyes…

  5. Hey! That was a great make-up breakdown.. I havn’t seen either movie, but now i wanna just to get a look at Kareena’s make up (hehehhee.. never before have i wanted to see a movie for this reason) Your eyes look very nice Rati!!

    And guess what? I have been on a dark, dark blue eyeliner hunt myself. But for some reason I skipped both Revlon & Maybelline.. Thanks Rati & Rima for the recos.. Will def chk both out..

    BTW, I have heard that Colorbar also retails a mid-night blue eyeliner, but somehow it is always out of stock. Highly elusive!

  6. Cynthia: My husband and I are movie freaks. We don’t leave any hollywood or bollywood movie. 😛 I am glad you can’t see my dark circles, I am not willing to highlight them as well. 😛

    Tanveer: If not Kurbaan, you must watch 3 idiots. It’s an awesome awesome movie. For some reason these days I unintentionally end up noticing makeup a lot. 😛

    I know about the Colorbar’s liner but I wanted a liner that I could smudge a bit. COlorbar liners are difficult to smudge hence I skipped it.

    Thanks for the compliment. 🙂

  7. Glad i could help. It’s a very wearable look. If you are looking for cheaper options in liner you can take a look at Chambore (Rs 225) and Maybelline. They have the similar blue shade. 🙂

  8. I tried Revlon for this shade – but they had a denim blue – with no smudger! This color was an electric blue that doesn’t look very good on my green eyes 🙁

  9. Tanveer,

    I remember once you mentioned that you have a mehndi coloured eyeliner. Why don’t you try the same thing with that liner? I am sure that would compliment your eyes a lot.

  10. I simply loved the way tis eyemakeup is done :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: …I liked kareenas eyes in both these movies….but didn’t know how to gt that look :makeup:thnku fr sharing…

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