Kareena Kapoor’s Best Hairstyles

Talking about Bollywood’s style divas, who comes to your mind, yes apart from Sonam Kapoor 😛  – I know most of you have guessed it right – Kareena Kapoor.  She has received flak for her dressing style – one size zero episode doesn’t count here.  Even when she has zero makeup on, she looks gorgeous (check out my compilation of Bollywood actresses without makeup here).  She is one actress who experiments a lot with her hairstyles (unlike Katrina Kaif who sports the same poker straight her every time) and she looks elegant and chic in all of them. It seems curls and permed hair doesn’t suit her much, but she does experiment nevertheless.  Let’s take a look at various hairstyles sported by Kareena Kapoor, do mention your favourite from these in the comments below 🙂

A pic from a photo shoot, she looks gorgeous with those bright lips, lovely dress, and neat and elegant hairstyle.


During one of promotions for a hair removal cream brand, she has done middle parting with a neat ponytail.

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 2

Kareena Kapoor during the promotion of her film “Heroine” with heavily kohled eyes and a high bun hairstyle that looks a bit disheveled to me!

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 3

Her trademark hairstyle:

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 4

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 5

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 6

During the launch of her book “Style Diary of a Bollywood Diva,” she rocked the look with her sleek hairstyle and bright red lips.

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 7

Kareena Kapoor in messy side braided hairstyle.

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 8

Kareena Kapoor promoting a hair care tool brand, love this hairstyle.

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 9

She looks kind of cute with the braided hairstyle, you think?

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 10

These are some of the hairstyles she sported for her wedding and related ceremonies.

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 11

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 12

There’s something wrong with these hairstyles, isn’t it?

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 13

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 14

Her hair color complements the bright dress she is wearing in this picture.

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 14

She’s sporting straight long hair here.

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 15

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 16

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 17

Chic hairstyles with hot bright lips.

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 18

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 19

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 20

Finally, my favourites:

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 21

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 22

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 23

Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 24


Kareena Kapoor Hairstyle 25

That’s it, I know there are a lot more of her hairstyles that deserve to be in this list, but do mention in the comments if I have missed some masterpieces 🙂

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  1. wowwwwwww classy post jomol di nnnn wata complatn kudos dese posts frm u back to back sighhhhh i knw hard wrk pay *powder* *powder* *puchhi* *puchhi* n kareena one of ma fvrt like her very mch vd bold lips n dose messy braids pichhaaaa r fab………. n aapke fvrt wali me se frst pic wowwwwwwwww really……………n one pic is totly scaryyyyyyy *hunterwali* *hunterwali* *hunterwali* *hunterwali* dt bling bling top wali yaaaaucccccckk although it was osum pics

    1. Saim…………thanks sooooo much *happy dance* *happy dance* I love Kareena’s bold lips look….especially the book launch one….he he that bling top look scared me too *hihi* *hihi*

  2. she is my fav *puchhi* she rocks most of them, totally adore her *happy dance* *happy dance*
    beautiful compilation Jomol, u r doin an awesome job on these compliation dese days *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho*

  3. She rocks every hairdo..my fav is her trademark hairstyle love her bold lips..the way shes defined her eyes…hey Jomo…this is an awesome post ya…literally enjoying your post these days..hats off to ur hard work *clap* *clap*

  4. I looove kareena kapoor. Would have never realised that she has sported so many hair styles.. She literally rocks each one of them.That curly hair look *shudder* she has come a long long way.

    Awesome post jomo *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  5. woooooooooow stunning post *happy dance* *happy dance* kareena has always been my favorite since childhood *happydance* *pompom* she looks gorgeous in each and every hairstyle… i have the same light brown hair colour that she has… yipeee *happydance* *happydance* *happydance* i loved 7, 8 and 19 *happydance*

  6. Wow Jomo another interesting post *happy dance* *puchhi*
    I simply love her and her hairstyles… shez such a diva *clap*

  7. Kareena *duel* Deepika . I Want A Post For Deepika Too *haan ji* *duh* She Tries Most Hairstyles I Hate Katrina’s Same Old Mane …….. *happydance* *headbang* *headbang*

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