What is Kareena Kapoor’s Diet?

Kareena Kapoor is a superstar, fashion icon, and diva of Bollywood and she has always stood out, right from her first movie “Refugee” to her current job as a host on Ishq radio. Her strong determination, disciplined life and dedication towards her workout and health in general has made her one of the hottest heroines in Bollywood. She has always surprised us with amazing transformation, be it with size-zero figure in the movie “Tashan” or be it getting back to shape after her son Taimur was born. During motherhood, people usually put on weight and find it hard to get back in shape, but Kareena proved it wrong and the secret is her perfect diet and all the credit goes to her dietician Rujuta Diwekar. Everyone wants to know about Kareena Kapoor’s diet. So, if you are one of the million people who is obsessed over her weight loss, read on to know her diet plan.

Kareena Kapoors Diet

Kareena eats small portions every two hours. Having small portion of food through the day will ensure you are not getting crazy hunger pangs and you’re fuelled by good food for most of your day!

  • Meal One: Always start the day with a banana is Kareena’s mantra and she swears to live by it every day. Also, she eats it within 15 minutes of waking up.
  • Meal Two (Breakfast): Within one hour of first meal, she eats homemade breakfast and a small quantity of ghee.
  • Meal Three (Mid-meal): Two to three hours after breakfast, she has something light like “nariyal pani,” (coconut water) salad or nuts.
  • Meal Four (Lunch): Rice helps to clean your gut after pregnancy and cleaning the gut is important which in turn helps to reduce weight in no time. So, after two to three hours of mid-day meal, she eats lunch which includes rice, sabji or dal, and dahi or pickle.
  • Meal Five (Mid-meal after lunch): She drinks any fruit-based juice, smoothie or shakes.
  • Meal Six (Evening Snacks): Between 4pm to 6pm, she eats one fourth portion what she ate for lunch or breakfast.
  • Meal seven (Dinner): She eats dinner two to three hours before bed time and this preferably includes rice, roti, millet with ghee. Yes, ghee!  Because ghee makes your body supple and keeps you energetic.
  • Meal eight (Bed time): In one pregnancy, we lose 5 years of calcium in the body. So, she drinks a tall glass of milk every night to regain body’s calcium which also helps to return to the amazing slender body she had. At times, she mixes chyavanprash or any dry fruit to it.

A few more tips:

  • She never drinks her tea or coffee without sugar. Also, there is no such thing as sugar-free in her diet.
    She hasn’t cut carbs as she is a foodie and prefers naturally-occurring carbs (complex carbs) mostly. She eats rice twice in her diet.
  • She says a big “NO” to any packaged food as the calorie content in packaged foods is high.
  • She maintains a calorie deficit by burning more calories than what she has consumed.

Follow this routine and enjoy the fitness.

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