Karwachauth 2011 Makeup Special with MAC Vimi Joshi

Karwachauth 2011 Makeup Special with MAC Vimi Joshi

Vimi Joshi

I went backstage for Vineet Bahl’s show at Wills India Fashion week yesterday. Apart from covering trends, personal chit chats with Vimi, and clicking photographs, I thought I do a special feature with Vimi Joshi, Senior MAC makeup artist Middle East & India,  for Karwachauth 2011. 🙂

What kind of makeup should women go for this Karwachauth?

Vimi : Women can take a modern approach at makeup this season while still keeping it traditional color wise.

Beautiful Skin : Create a creamy texture on skin by prepping your skin with a moisturizer and buffing a light weight foundation with MAC 187 brush. Powder your face only where it is necessary. Contouring and highlighting is  must. The contours would chisel your face and highlights would add dimensions and bring our your beautiful features. Keep the blush light and very natural.  The oily skin beauties should apply a cream blush first,  powder your face with MAC Prep and Prime Powder and then apply a light wash of powder blush. Products Recommendation : MAC Coppertone Blush / MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark (contouring), MAC Pinkswoon Blush , MAC Motif Eyeshadow (Highlight)

Lips : Go all out with wines, deep maroons, fucsia and reds.

rati beauty ad

Eyes : Keep it a little toned down but pretty. Gold eyeshadow in the inner corner, purple / wine on the outer corner, apply reflects gold glitters in top of the gold eyeshadow , liner your eyes with MAC Fludline in black and apply tons of mascara. Make your lashes look flirty!

Spring Summer Trends 2012

Vimi :

  • Strong Gold highlighter would be huge in spring summer 2012.
  • Eyebrows : lengthened , strengthened, defined, bleached. It’s all about strong, statement brows.
  • 90s feel super model  look – tonal makeup, contours and highlights.
  • Orange in various forms is again going to be the color of the season- peaches, oranges, tangerines, burnt orange, terracotta. Think colors of sunset.
What is the look for Vineet Bahl’s show :
Vimi :  The look is velvety matte. The skin is almost suede like texture with petal like eyelashes that open up against the coral , floral skin.



And I loved what Lakshmi was wearing so I clicked her full shot! 🙂
Lakshmi Rana
And the very handsome Vineet Bahl
What kind of makeup do your prefer for yourself?
Vimi : Very simple .When you are doing makeup for other people, you want to keep your own makeup very simple so that people can relate to you and feel comfortable with you.
Hope you enjoyed the post. 🙂

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  1. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee….i like the contouring on lakshmi’s face..really nice..and hey that guy Vineet Bahl is quite good to look at. reminds me of Rajeev Khandelwal a bit

  2. Hi dearies!
    a random question once again, I am an NC 42, I have to leave for office in noon. I guess the heat makes me too oily(read sticky and frying pan!). I guess I need some good compact or loose powder to help me look somewhat presentable.please suggest me something… I am thinking about buying Oriflame Giordani but confused bout the shade. Please please help me out! ?:)

          1. Hi Shivangi….for compact try MAC or Revlon’s Touch & Glow compact..its pretty good..even Chambor has one nice compact though forgot the name 🙁 you can also use blotting papers in between to keep your skin oil free and go for some shine free powders..i guess kryolan and ben nye has some good powders..hope this helps 🙂

  3. Oooh! I love the glossy lips! :makeup: :makeup:
    And Lakshmi’s face shape is so pretty eh? :preen:
    Now I am suddenly interested in this Vineet Bahl person. O:) O:)

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  5. I liked the makeup of first girl a lot !!! second girl appeared in some telesoaps i think, cant recall, nice post !! :thumbsup:

  6. Rati ek ques hai I saw a gal (quite Dusky complexion) she was wearing purple lippy and luking good and when I tried same I looked like :daayan: :daayan: :ghost2: :ghost2: . YYYYYYYYYYYY

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