Kat Von D Autograph Pencil Liner in Por Amor

Kat Von D Autograph Pencil Liner in Por Amor

Price– $10 This is the mini version though. The full pencil retails for $18.

Product Description:

Kat Von D Mini Autograph Pencil are a long-wearing, waterproof liner with a velvety formula that glides easily onto lids and dries down to a vibrant finish.
Kat Von D Autograph Pencil Liner PorAmor

My Experience with Kat Von D Autograph Pencil Liner in Por Amor:

So we were holidaying in San Francisco and my parents were sitting and eating in the lovely cafe. I was trying to eat but failing badly at it. No, not because I’m a recovering anorexic (my waistline begs you to reconsider the question) but because right in front me was a HUGE Sephora store, and they had all these little posters on about their 15th birthday. The problem was, I was on a self-inflicted makeup shopping ban. But I just couldn’t hold back! I only had $50 in my pocket, and obviously couldn’t ask my parents for more money 😛 so I walked in and decided to make do with the $50. Lo and behold, the first beautiful shiny makeup wonder that catches my eye is by Kat Von D, and only $10!!!! 😀

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Nestled in with the more expensive full size Kat Von D Autograph Eyeliner Pencils was this baby in a gorgeous array of colours. I immediately picked up the one in Por Amor. I swatched it on my hand and I knew it was love! 😀 After spending the rest of the $50 and shelling out some more from my card (haha 😛 ) I walked out happily of the store and immediately slathered it on. The first thing that hit me was the gorgeous color. It is a beautiful black eyeliner. Super creamy and super pigmented. This is safe to apply on the waterline. Its also adorably sized and fits just about anywhere, even your jeans pocket! After about 3 weeks of usage I can tell you: Once set, it does not budge, and you need a proper remover to remove it. Also, this is absolutely divine for tight lining! I use it almost everyday for college. Med-school requires that your make-up not be too flashy so I just tightline with this, and sometimes apply it on my waterline and I’m good to go!

Even when I apply it with a heavy hand, it doesn’t give me horrible raccoon eyes even in this sweaty sweaty summer, and I have oily lids. Once set, it doesn’t give you any trouble. It lasts upto a decent 4-5 hours stint and then starts to fade evenly. Another thing that I love about is that it doesn’t immediately set, so you can smudge it nicely.

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People who like fast-setting eyeliners may find this to be a con, though. You can also use this as a base for eye makeup. For an easy smokey eye makeup look, I apply this all over my lid and smudge, and then apply a dusting of Mac Nehru using a fluffy brush like Mac 217. Then I put it on my lower lashes and smudge it with a pencil brush like Mac 219. It makes the Nehru look more pronounced, and last longer. The only problem I had with this was the fact that its so creamy, it breaks easily if you go to heavy on it. But that problem can be solved by storing it in the fridge. Sadly I live in a hostel and I got no fridge, so I just live with it.

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Anyway, I have a tendency of getting carried away when talking about my favourite products, so I’ll shut it and sum up.

Pros of Kat Von D Autograph Pencil Liner in Por Amor:

  • Super creamy
  • Pocket friendly: financially, and size wise. 😀
  • Highly pigmented
  • Smudges well, as long as it hasn’t set
  • Doesn’t set too fast.
  • Waterline safe
  • No smudging- no raccoon eyes.
  • Sticks to oily lids
  • Can be used as a base for black eye makeup

Cons of Kat Von D Autograph Pencil Liner in Por Amor

  • Availability
  • Too creamy, so it breaks easily in the heat!

Kat Von D Autograph Pencil Liner in Por Amor swatches

IMBB Rating 5/5

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  1. Loved readin your review.. very nicely written!
    I soo want this here.. But I feel this will break in my eyes due the the creaminess

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