Kaya Brightening Serum Review

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by Akanksha N.

Hola people!

How you’ll doing? So, today I’m going to review the brightening serum by Kaya Skin Clinic. It is my first serum (and my first review). My skin was in a very bad shape; there were spots, pigmentation and what not. I wanted something to happen, so that it becomes even, smooth and clear.

After reading many reviews and researching products, it boiled down to two products. The products that I was contemplating between were the pigmentation-reducing complex, also from kaya and this one. Even though the pigmentation-reducing complex had a lot of positive feedbacks I wanted to give this one a try. I have been using it for over a month now and will tell you my experience with this product. Let’s get down to it.

Kaya serum


It contains a potent active lightening complex known to even the skin tone, lighten freckles and age spots as well as helps to reduce hyper-pigmented areas. Ferulic acid and waltheria indica extracts have a regulatory effect on melanin skin pigmentation. It is clinically tested to decrease pigmentation and brighten your skin.

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Kaya serum


1450 for 30ml. I got it at a 20% discount from online

My Skin type: Combination and sensitive

My Experience with Kaya Brightening Serum:

So, I was quite excited for it was my first serum. This serum is transparent and has a texture that is not too runny or too thick. It sinks into the skin within a matter of seconds. It has a dropper that dispenses the product, so it is really easy to control the amount of product. I use about three drops each night as a part of my routine. Where I cleanse my face with the Neutrogena foaming face wash, tone with the Neutrogena black head eliminating toner and then apply this, followed by the Himalaya night cream.

After just about two days there was a major difference in the texture of my skin. It became really smooth, so smooth that I couldn’t take my hand of it. But, there was no difference in my spots and pigmentation.

Kaya serum

After about a week I could see that the dark spots fading and my skin evening out. But after third week, my skin didn’t improve any further, as in there was a kind of a halt. What I also noticed was that there was a subtle glow and my skin has become brighter. I have combination skin, it is really oily in summers and normal to dry in the winters. Also my skin is highly sensitive, almost everything that I put has a reaction. But, fortunately this serum didn’t cause any breakouts.

The packaging of the product is quite luxe with a dropper. It is not in a glass bottle; like most of the serums available in the market, so there is no fear of dropping it.

I feel that the price of the product is also quite reasonable as compared to the other serums that are available. Also, the bottle is going to last you a long long time, so I think that it is worth investing in.

Kaya serum

Pros of Kaya Brightening Serum:

  • Smoother skin in just 2 days.
  • Softer skin.
  • Evens out skin to an extent.
  • Fades spots.
  • Gives a glow.
  • Face looks brighter and there’s a glow.
  • The price is quite affordable.
  • No irritation or breakout.

Cons of Kaya Brightening Serum:

  • The improvements kind of stops after a period of time.
  • Contains a lot of chemicals.
  • Availability can be an an issue. As only e-commerce sites and Kaya Skin Clinics stock the products.

Would I repurchase Kaya Brightening Serum?

No I won’t repurchase it, just for the fact that I like to try out new products. So, would like to try some other serum.

Conclusion I am quite happy with the product, as it has changed the appearance of my skin for the better.

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