Kaya Hair Health Gel Review

Kaya Hair Health Gel

I was well aware that Kaya has products for skin care– face and body. But recently discovered that they also had products in hair care range. I had a good experience with the Kaya travel kit [soothing cleansing gel, revitalizing tonic and sunscreen, 25ml packs each] and hence purchased the Kaya Hair Health Gel which came as a recommendation from their staff, with tall claims that it would improve density of hair by around 70-80%. However, the website carries no official claim. Its product tagline is “Kaya hair health gel with vitamin, mineral and protein complex”. Since I have been experiencing hair fall, I decided to give it a try. Also I saw that ingredients listed included Saw palmetto, Gingko biloba and Hibiscus extract. The staff was up selling the Kaya Nourishing shampoo to me saying product would give better results if used together and hence I purchased their shampoo too. :blush:

kaya hair health gel
kaya hair health gel

Kaya describes product on website as “Rich in proteins and vitamin complex, Kaya Hair Health Gel reduces hair-fall and promotes hair that’s stronger and lustrous. The mineral content in the gel reverses the mineral deficiency to reduce hair fall. Special herbal extracts of Gingko Balboa and Hibiscus nourish the hair from within.


The product is easily available at their clinics, website and also in select malls [A few I am aware of are Hypercity in Inorbit Vashi, Nirma Llifestyle Mulund and R Mall Mulund]

Priced at Rs 400 for 200 ml, it is expensive. [Seriously!]

Application [as advised on website] – Evenly distribute and massage into the scalp. Leave overnight Wash hair with the Kaya’s Nourishing Shampoo next morning.

amount of hair gel required for the scalp
amount of hair gel required for the scalp

The directions on product backside tell you to take small amount of gel onto the palm of your hand and apply to hair roots only. However one need to take that  ”small amount” 3-4 times to cover entire scalp.   🙁 With experience, I also learnt that it’s better to apply it directly to the roots by parting hair instead of taking it on your hand since the soft green colored gel penetrates the skin VERY VERY easily. It’s application has a mild cooling effect on scalp.

Pros of Kaya Hair Health Gel

:yes: Smart classy packaging
:yes: Soothing fragrance
:yes: The pump top enables easy retrieval
:yes: Its gel form makes it light weight and easily absorbed into scalp
:yes: Mild cooling effect on scalp
:yes: Very good substitute for oil as it’s not messy and easy to use during head massage
:yes: Easily washed off even after being kept overnight
:yes: No adverse side effects or reactions experienced. This from some one who has very sensitive  skin. [This is a big upside]

Cons of Kaya Hair Health Gel

:no: It should not be kept on hand too long as it easily penetrates skin
:no: Expensive
:no: Not very effective in its tall claims of  improving density of hair
:no: The morning after application, hair tends to be a little sticky.
:no: Does not mention a clear expiry period (This one alarms me a great deal)
:no: Also “a small amount of gel” (mentioned in directions at back of product) does not suffice. You need quiet a bit for the whole scalp.
:no: Green color of gel could be bothersome –I wasn’t really bothered by the green color of the gel but my friend took an instant dislike to the same.

The verdict

I have used the product for a month now, along with their recommended shampoo for hair wash. I haven’t tried it with any other shampoo.

I have seen hair density improve, but only by 15-20%.And, that improvement in hair density is not attributable to product alone.

Will I recommend the product or purchase it again?

That depends. It’s a NO as a recommendation if I am looking for a product to improve hair density because I am not sure that 15-20% meets my expectations. For that purpose, I will have to hunt for a new product.
But Yes, I do intend to purchase the product again, because it a simple and “unmessy” medium of head massage and washing it off is easy.

Product rating

Overall rating – 2.5 stars
Quality – 2.5 stars
Packaging – 3 stars
Availability – 2.5 stars
Price – 1 star

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16 thoughts on “Kaya Hair Health Gel Review

  1. Never used Kaya products & somehow my friends who have used also have never felt that it is money’s worth. I would rather use a good oil for head massage.
    Nice review. I love the way all of you list the pros & cons so well to help take decision 🙂

  2. Hey Pragna, i have used this and i think half the bottle is still lying unused somewhere…i absolutely did not see any benefit of using it. It was sold to me when i went to Kaya for a dandruff prob….i was asked to buy this gel and shampoo along with a treatment costing 25k. Never went back. I liked the shampoo though…this gel is a big NO for me….

  3. I think this is the first shampoo I have come across that could be kept overnight. I am quite surprised. Actually I dont understand the logic only, why…. 😕 😕

    Thanks for the review. I am one of those who would have def got tempted by such curious product. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

  4. Hey ppl, thanks for ur responses. 🙂

    The product,Kaya Hair health gel, will not serve as a shampoo.It’s a gel meant to improve hair density/thickness and prevent hairfall.Not effective enough though.And it needs to be washed off with a shampoo in the morning after leaving it overnight.

    Hey Priya, If you were sold this product for a dandruff problem, I believe you were misguided.I am no doctor and just a lay person, but if you have dandruff and use this hair gel or any other massage medium like oil, it shall aggravate your dandruff.(commoner’s opinion, but someone who has dealt with dandruff)

    In the last months I have gone overboard & tried so many Kaya products 😀 , that I have made a resolution to not buy any of their products till Jan 2011.I can’t really generalize that all Kaya products are good or bad.It varies from product to product, with certain products being fabulous while some products are not good enough.

  5. Leaving overnight something that is a shampoo is scary 😮 😮 😮 😮 ….they should have mentioend it is a mask or something

  6. Hi Pragna, This sounded like such an awesome product:improve hair density by 80%.WOW…but its so dissapointing when they make such tall claims and it doesn’t work.I mean why 80%?? If they had said 20-25% i cud understand that it does a reasonable job 😐 😐 😐

    Anyway I wanted to request if any of u guys have used any Kaya/Vlcc services cud you do a review on the same.I wanted to try some but I just wanna get a feel of the “skin clinics” b4 dat :-)) :-))

    1. Hi Sharon.I agree -the product concept of improving thickness, reducing hairfall with saw palmetto and hibiscus etc all very exciting, but product just doesn’t deliver.

      I have availed Kaya & VLCC services.Will definitely do a review, if Rati allows.

  7. Hair style promote on hair gel that can’t harm on the growth of the hair. Does saw palmetto is an herbs that rebuild and promote hair growth in which help to nourish the scalp from damaged. However, celebrities are confident to damage their hair because hair treatment is offer on spa and salon to bring back the natural glow and smooth hair ever.

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