Kaya Overnight Replenishing Cream Review

Kaya Overnight Replenishing Cream

Hi all, how have you been? I was out of touch for many days and now am back with a review of the last product that I had purchased during my visit to Kaya skin clinic. This is a night cream from Kaya’s Super Orange Bloom range.

What the product claims: As per Kaya’s dermatologist, the cream is fortified with Vitamin E and C which helps our skin to combat against all the skin damage caused due to sun exposure, pollution and other environmental factors. The cream works throughout the night to replenish the moisture lose and skin damage caused during the day.

Kaya OvernightReplenishingCream

Price: 850 INR.

Ingredients: Absolutely nothing mentioned. Only says that it contains multi-vitamins.

My take on Kaya Overnight Replenishing Cream:

Well, to explain what this cream actually did for me, let me first explain how my skin is. I have combination skin and the issue which constantly bugs me is tanning and occasional zits that come and go throughout the year. I have been using this cream for the last 4 months and this cream, to be very honest, in spite of containing Vitamin C (as claimed by the doctor) did NOTHING for my tanned skin. However, it did a decent job with my zits. The frequency has reduced and whenever, a new zit pops out on my skin, the cream is efficient enough to cure it within 2-3days. It gives a subtle glow and smoothness to the skin but for that you will have to use it religiously every day for 2-3 months to see the effect. Overall, I have a love and hate relationship with this product because I love what it does to my zits but hate its ineffectiveness otherwise.

Kaya Overnight Replenishing Cream

The cream is white and medium thick in consistency and absorbs very quickly. I don’t know how much moisturization it would provide to dry skin but for oily skin people it’s a hassle-free cream because it gets absorb very easily. You can see from the swatches below that it leaves no oily residue.

Pros of Kaya Overnight Replenishing Cream:

• Does a good job in treating occasional zits.
• Suitable for oily skin in summer
• Loaded with multi vitamins so people with no major skin issues can use it regularly
• Gives a subtle glow and smoothness with regular use
• Lasts really long, say 3-4 months with regular use.

Kaya Overnight ReplenishingCream

Cons of Kaya Overnight Replenishing Cream:

• Did nothing for my tanning
• With this price, I expected much more result but was highly disappointed
• Dry skin beauties may have issues with its moisturization power

Will I re-purchase it: This was my first night cream and hence, I will be trying out some other brands.

IMBB score: 2.5/5

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