Kaya Revitalising Skin Tonic Review

Kaya Revitalising Skin Tonic Review

Hiya Girls!!

Today, I would like to review the tonic I use for my skin. It’s Kaya Revitalizing Skin Tonic. It is a pick from the Daily Care Range of Kaya. Kaya’s Daily care product range replenishes the skin so that it stays supple and smooth. It ensures that your skin is thoroughly cleaned and protected from the daily pollution.

Kaya Revitalising Tonic

The Daily Care Range includes:

• Soothing Cleansing Gel.
• Revitalizing Tonic.
• Daily Sunscreen with SPF 15.
• Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen.
• Anytime moisturizing cream.
• Body gel.

Out of all the above products I have listed, I am using the cleansing gel and tonic for my skin since last 6 weeks. So, now I feel right in reviewing this product.


I use this tonic twice daily. After applying, I let it dry for a bit before putting on the sunscreen. It feels fresh and the cooling effect stays for a long time even in humid weather.

Price and Quantity:

Rs 450 for 200 ml.

What I Adore About This Tonic:

• It has improved my skin tone.
• My pores around the nose area are visibly reduced
• After using it before bed, in the morning, my face is all glowing.
• I don’t feel sticky or as if my skin cannot breathe after applying the tonic.
• No oiliness on my T zone.
• It is alcohol free, so doesn’t dry my skin.
• Cucumber gives the cooling effect on my face.
• Invigorating smell.
• I find the packaging very sleek and sophisticated
• Pump bottle is quite convenient.
• It seems to be never finishing.

What I Dislike About This Tonic:

• Little expensive.

• The bottle is exactly similar to the cleansing gel, so it’s a little confusing and I just keep picking the wrong bottle every time.

My Rating:


I would highly recommend you to include this tonic in your daily bedtime beauty regime.

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22 thoughts on “Kaya Revitalising Skin Tonic Review

  1. it doesnt work for me……….and dont feel that it is alcohol free :waiting: :waiting: but nice to hear that it work for you :waytogo: :waytogo:

  2. Hey Shruti! Nice review.. I have used the under eye gel and pigmentation reducer things from Kaya.. It does actually makes your skin glow in the morning if you have followed your CTM properly and then used this. Just today I got the travel pack of Kaya. 🙂

  3. I swear by this toner. it has got some life to my acne proned skin .It has toned my skin very well.I had really rough nose because of heads and cannot go for facials/cleanup as they break me out terribly.Now using this my nose is soft and heads/pores have visibily reduced.Infact i noticed that i stopped getting the ocassional pimple 🙂 love this toner!! .My sis changed to this recently from loreal one has said the same.
    I gues it doesnt work for dry skin /normal skin ..but works well for oily skin/acne prone .
    gud review Shruthi, exactly my thoughts !!

      1. Thank u sim and shilpi.. i will buy online.. i dont have kaya clinic in Trivandrum.. I have seen it misspolis.com, i thnk i will buy it from there.. :thanks: :thanks:

  4. I swear by this toner too. It might make your skin dry, but guys… you have got to do the CTS(sunscreen) roll, right? Anyhow, as long as I used it, I had very good skin (C-T-S Pack). There I was thinking that my skin problems were over and switched brands, but then, I started getting these break-outs again. [I have the most white-heads on my face one could even imagine of.] No other product helped after that… Body Shop, Olay… none! I am back to Kaya products now.

    If you have sensitive skin, you must go for this.

  5. Hello….
    I used kaya products for few months n switched off to other products..but u can take my word, this is d best product.. I too hv a combi skin type n usually i moisturize once a day after cleansing and toning… At nyt i just cleanse n use toner. My skin looks great next day.. Pore size reduced n skin just feels awesome…

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