Kaya Skin Clinic – Acne Free with Aqua Therapy

Kaya Skin Clinic – Acne- Free with Aqua Therapy

Acne Free with Aquatherapy: A service that uses the same technology as Aqua Fairness Luxe (water jet technology) but infuses salicylic peel into the skin – with this technology the salicylic peel penetrates deeper into the skin, giving more efficacious results than the regular application.

This month Rati and Sanjeev ji gave us a chance to visit and treat our selves int Kaya skin clinic, they have some nice offers going on with upto 50% off on certain facials. under the August rush, they have:

  • Clear Fresh Oil Control: A special 75-minute face therapy especially designed for acne-prone and oily skin. It uses exotic natural ingredients like seaweed jelly extracts, conker tree seeds, rosemary and tea tree oil to give you fresh and radiant skin
  • Aqua Fairness Luxe: A new innovation for instantly brighter looking skin. This signature service reverses the effects of the swelteringheat and scorching sun, making your skin up to 2 shades lighter in just 3 sessions.
  • Acne Free with Aquatherapy: A service that uses the same technology as mentioned above (water jet technology) but infuses salicylic peel into the skin – with this technology the salicylic peel penetrates deeper into the skin, giving more efficacious results than the regular application.
  • Photo facial.
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Jomol has reviewed her Aqua fairness luxe here, take a look. I chose the acne free service, since I have been having trouble with jawline acne, due to using mobile phones touching my cheeks during long conversations.The humidity and the water here in Chennai does not help at all to make skin feel squeaky clean ever.

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I had heard a lot about Kaya’s peels, specially bridal glycolic peels and I was thrilled to bits, the package is approximately 10K + but with the August rush, it comes down to INR 5700 for four sessions, mind you, not just one, I have taken just one session of the same.
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I was offered a primer, a small tube which says “soothing cream” I was asked to use this for 5 days, with gradual increase in application time, day one for half hour, day two one hour, day three two hours, day four and five overnight and then next two days  then I was supposed to skip usage for two days, then come for the session. So you need to pick up the cream 7 days prior to your first session. The primer is basically to prep you skin for the salicylic acid peel to avoid any skin sensitivity.

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The clinic is really soothing as in the lighting , the staff make you really comfortable, there are two dermats there and I met them both, I have to say the gentleman did not supply sufficient info as in he told me this peel would peel the skin like any other peel, nothing of the sort happened. Then I was never informed that I am not supposed to undergo any facial treatments for 7 days before the session. These are some points my wonderful team member who did the treatment for me told me later, thankfully I had nothing to lose.

The team member made sure I was comfortable, I was tucked under a blanket in the cool Aircon there, it was all very soothing, they ask you at every point whether you are comfy enough 🙂 He started with sanitizing his hands and informed me prior to any application he was going forward with. He told me the pipes will be using saline water for lymphatic drainage to clean skin, then exfoliation and then the salicylic acid peel will be applied.

The new thing was that this facial is like a no-hand involved kind of a treatment, as in the first step involved cleansing my makeup and skin, then he went on to clean the skin with the pipes that blow cold water on the skin to deep clean and exfoliate, there were no scrubs or massages involved, nothing, the machines did the job. He also asked me if I had any sinus issues to which I did say yes and hence the cool air could be avoided around the nose. 

The cold air is quite an experience, it scared me bit, and I suggest you do not take this treatment if you have cold or anything of the sort. This went on for around 10 minutes or more, after this the skin was wiped clean and then the dermat was called for the salicylic acid peel application, she made sure I was comfortable and there was no burning at any point, I told her I could feel nothing as I had used the primer for 5 days, so the peel did not cause any sensitivity but while the peel was neutralized with cool water spray, the doc told me I have sensitive as there were little red patches of sensitivity here and there.The peel was kept for less than 5 mins I think.

After the peel was neutralized, I was given a cold compress, an the skin was cooled, it was comfy and cool as a cucumber.The a very cool face pack was applied, as in everything was so chilled, I was glad I was cozy under the blanket, and the aircon was shut down too on my request. The pack felt really thick and took long time to dry off a bit and then it was gently peeled off.

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I was asked to open my eyes slowly “filmy style” and that is when I spotted little redness post peel like I said above, but the whole session was very cooling, the jet technology was a little too much of cool water for me but many of you might like it. I was asked to wash my face only in the morning, and lastly sunscreen was applied.

I would say that either I was expecting miracles, or one session is not enough, I did not see any immediate difference in my skin, I think the package comes with 4 sessions and this is for a reason I am sure. I am sure the peel must be working but again, the pimples did not appear to be any different. May be it has prevented future ones,but I think 4 sessions would give you a better result. The whole session took roughly 90 minutes 🙂

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The next day my skin felt a bit itchy, nothing uncomfortable, two days my skin felt like that, no peeling happened. My skin looked pretty much same as ever, I also happened to buy the acne free face wash with salicylic acid, which has been reviewed here. I am happy I got to experience what Kaya is all about, they are really nice with their service, make you very comfortable and make sure they inform you about the process at every point, I loved the service and will look forward to more but about this single session, I think you would be able to see results only after 4 sessions which will cost you INR 5700 this month under the 50% off offers 🙂 As for me , I will definitely be trying more of Kaya services, and will be buying more products from them for sure.Thanks team Kaya at Chennai, for the pleasant experience 🙂

This service was sponsored by Kaya Skin Clinic, but my review as always is honest 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Kaya Skin Clinic – Acne Free with Aqua Therapy

  1. this sounds interesting.. my mom wanted to go at kaya clinic from long… will wait for your post after all 4 sessions… *haan ji*

  2. neha I am craving to get a facial done now. This sounds brilliant. Can’t wait to read about your experience after all 4 sessions. *clap* *clap*

  3. hi neha
    i am also in chennai
    which kaya branch in chennai u went
    i was looking for some good facial
    ur experience sounds intersting
    till wen this offer is valid

  4. Hi Neha,

    I have been going to kaya for quite a long time now esp that im battling acne skin. I have done quite a number of glycolic and salicylic peel. I have had the best results. When i dont have the peels, acne come back again. Needless to say im in chennai too 🙁
    I got an EDR done yesterday(Everyday Radiance) evening, again with Aqua and salicylic peel.
    My skin feels quite cleaner, brighter and the ance bumps reduced upto 50%.
    I do not see any irritation or redness, maybe im used to the peels by now 🙂
    Facials are really good.
    Rati di, i suggest you should definitely try them. They have all varieties to suit different skin types. Its definitely worth it…

  5. WOwwww this sounds super interesting *happy dance* a visit for such skin treatments feel sooo delightful na *happy dance* *happy dance* do share your experience after 4 sessions for sure *happy dance* *happy dance*

  6. This sounds interesting.

    May I suggest, for your jaw line acne, consult a doctor. Its a sign of hormonal imbalance and PCOS.
    A pill, Nuvaring or maybe medicines can help.
    (Source: My own experience)

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