Hair Removal : Kaya Skin Clinic Painless Laser Treatment

Hair Removal : Kaya Skin Clinic Painless Laser Treatment

Hello Ladies,

Hope you all are doing fantastic!! It’s been a while I have been wanting to write this article, but I was procrastinating it and also waiting to be sure, that now it’s safe to share and recommend it to you guys! So now after a month after the Kaya Skin Clinic Painless Laser Treatment, I feel confident enough to share my thoughts with you all! So here we go!!

My Experience With Kaya Skin Clinic Painless Laser Treatment

I got the Kaya Skin Clinic’s Painless Laser Treatment done for my underarms a month ago! I was asked to try the service by the Company. After thinking for about 2 weeks, I decided on trying it on my underarms, and also prepared myself mentally for the whole procedure! I imagined doctors and injections and needles in my head and went ahead to the clinic with my Mother! Before getting into my entire experience, here’s some important stuff you would like to know!

The Process:
Say No! to Pain. Say Yes! to hair free-life. Yes, it’s possible now. Smooth hair-free skin without the pain of conventional hair removal methods. Thanks to Kaya Pain-less Laser. A revolutionary technology that allows your skin to remain cool as low laser heat is given to follicles without damaging your skin. The breakthrough ‘IN-MOTION’ technology is today’s most comfortable Laser Hair Reduction option. This Laser works on most areas of the body and is suitable for all skin and hair types.

The Result :
Once destroyed, hair follicles do not recover and grow hair. With the Kaya Pain-less Laser service you will observe more 80% hair reduction six months after the last session. The Pain-less technology gives you hair free skin with no discomfort during or after the treatment. After each session you will definitely see permanent reduction in the number of hair that re-grow in the treated area

The Maintenance :
While it varies from person to person, your assigned dermatologist will observe and evaluate your specific needs for further session to maintain hair-free skin.

Depending on the results of your examination, specific products and services are recommended by our in-house dermatologist.

Q: Is the Kaya Pain-less Laser Hair Reduction service safe?
A: Dedicated dermatologists will always be at hand to monitor and advise you as trained practitioners administer your service. The revolutionary technology additionally renders the whole process entirely safe for all skin types and hair types.

Q: How is Kaya Pain-less Laser different from waxing, shaving and other hair reduction methods?
A: Most importantly it is Pain-less. Unlike hair removal methods like waxing, shaving, tweezing, bleaching, depilatory creams and threading which are painful, time consuming and temporary solutions, Kaya Pain-less Laser is quick and a long term solution. It is also free from any side effects. There is no skin irritation, discoloration or inflammation as seen with other hair removal methods so no downtime is required.

Q: Are there any pre-treatment recommendations for the Kaya Pain-less Laser Service?
A: For Kaya Pain-less Laser Hair Removal, waxing/threading should be avoided 3 weeks prior to and during the Laser Service. This will ensure maximum results from the treatment.

Q: What are the steps involved in undertaking the Kaya Pain-less Laser service?
• A consultation with the dermatologist so that he/she can recommend the required number of sessions after accessing the thickness and quantity of hair. • A Patch Test is done on the selected area chosen to undergo laser hair reduction. This is done to check the skin sensitivity to Laser. • Hair Reduction with Laser is done after the selected area is shaved and a cooling gel is applied to it. • Application of Moisturizer & SPF is done to the treated area to minimize the temporary skin sensitivity after the treatment.

Q: How long does the service take?
A: The duration of the service depends on the size as well as site of the area to be worked on.. This however may vary from person to person and our dermatologists will assess what is suitable for your skin and hair type.

Q: How many sessions do I need to do?
A: Each individual hair goes through different phases – a growth phase, shedding phase and resting phase. Since a laser beam targets the hair in growth phase only, you need to undergo multiple sessions, 4-6 sessions are recommended on an average, depending on your hair type and the area to be worked on.

Q: What follow-up treatment will I need?
A: While it varies from person to person, your assigned dermatologist will observe and evaluate your specific needs for further session to maintain hair-free skin

Q: Can Kaya Pain-less Laser be recommended for men?
A: Men will also find Kaya Pain-less Laser service is an ideal service for unwanted hair. Be it beard shaping, removal of excessive hair on chest, neck, back or shoulders Kaya Skin Clinic offers a permanent solution without any side effects.

My Experience With Kaya Skin Clinic Painless Laser Treatment

So let’s continue, I went in the room, where I had my dermatologist waiting, as soon as I entered I didn’t find anything in the room, except for a bed like thing and a huge machine with a gun like thing! I wanted to run away that very moment! But I faked a smile, and asked the doc, how long will it take? Will it be painful? Is it going to hurt? She smiled and asked me to relax and lay down!

I was asked to keep my underarms from shaving, waxing or epilating for about 2 weeks before the treatment! I know its “!!!!!” but then, this is how they would get an idea about the hair growth and then they could proceed with the procedure!

So, let’s continue! After a few minutes, Kaya Skin Clinic’s in house dermatologist came in, and had a chat with me! I was scared and nervous and embarrassed too! I never got my underarms, waxed at a parlor and here I was showing the doc, my “!!!!!” underarms! But then she got me some juice, and asked me to relax and then start off the procedure! In my head, I was thinking of all the possibilities which could happen! I mean, I would lose my underarms forever 😛 , I would get darkened skin , also the gun sort of thing could shoot injections!! And what not!

I was given a pair of glares to wear and the derma wore it too!

Then started the process, first and foremostly, the derma, clean my underarms with a toner, and then went ahead and shaved them! I felt quiet dumb I was like “What if I could do shave them myself and come!!” Then she went ahead and applied a thick rubber gel sought of a thing on my skin and then, started the machine and quiet like a “GEEK” pressed a number of buttons! I got even more nervous!

Then the gun like thing, which was the laser machine was made to work on my underarms, I could feel tiny BEARABLE pinches initially which later subsided and then it hardly took me like 20 minutes for both my under arms!

After the process, she applied a cream and also gave me some for a 3 day application in a sachet!

My Experience With Kaya Skin Clinic Painless Laser Treatment

I asked the derma, if I can use epilators or shave my hair in the future, she was like “there won’t be any need since you didn’t have a lot of growth” and till date I haven’t shaved or cleant my underarms, there was no need of using an epilator or razor!
Initially you would see some tiny hair, but then they do disappear on their own! I do not know how, but they do!

And moreover, no ingrown hair!! MIRACLE right?

I didn’t really do anything special for my under arms after the treatment and there has been no signs of hair growth, or skin darkening or anything which is NOT supposed to happen kinds!

I loved the whole experience and I would summarize it as ,
• Quick
• Painless
• No Side Effects
• Guaranteed results! 😛
• Harmless

I totally RECOMMEND you guys to get a patch test done and I am sure you would LOVE it!

Not that I was troubled by my hair but this is like a life long remedy!

Have you guys tried laser anywhere? Anytime? Share your experience!

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  1. ohh wowowow zeebee..congrats gal….tension free fro a life time i say,,,,but would want to knw what is the total cost for the sessions like

  2. Dats really nice.. I underwent laser treatment to lighten my scars 4 yrs back.. They gave a glass for my eyes.. I dont remember about the pain, must have been bearable.. The result is good.. And Zeeba, do Kaya have hair services? My hair is greying more nowadays.. 🙁

  3. Sounds good. You mentioned, “Initially you would see some tiny hair, but then they do disappear on their own! ” like how long do they take to disappear?

      1. ok 🙂 I was asking because if we get a laser hair removal treatment done on upperlips/cheeks, the hair growth showing up again would look weird. But as you say, if they are very tiny, it shouldn’t be a problem 🙂

  4. Sounds good. You mentioned, “Initially you would see some tiny hair, but then they do disappear on their own! ” like how long do they take to disappear

  5. @Laxmi: we are delighted to hear that you are satisfied with our service:)
    however, we have no service available as of the moment for greying hair:(

  6. @Radhika: The hair targeted by the laser will normally fall down after 2 – 3 weeks and from the first few sessions the hair will become finer. For more detailed info, you can drop by at our clinic near you so our dermatologist can give you a better understanding and clear your “doubts”. Do log on here to get a 50% off on consultation.

  7. Dear Kaya,

    Can you mention me the prices for laser sessions for different body part along with the average number of sessions??


  8. @Asma: we highly suggest that you drop by at any of our clinics to discuss the same as you need to consult with our Dermatologist first to identify how many sessions will be required. Hope to see you soon at the clinic!

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