How to Keep Lips Wrinkle Free and Smooth

Wrinkled lips are one of the first signs of ageing, lips might be the first thing people notice up close, wrinkles on the lips might be a result of ageing as well as smoking, improper hydration and excessive exposure to sunlight. Take a look at some tips you could use to keep lips wrinkle free and smooth.

lips wrinkle free

First step to removing the wrinkled look is to remove the dryness, flakes and the chapped look, is to scrub the lips gently, use sugar and honey scrub or use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub away the flakes.This should help with a softer look.

Use vitamin e oil and gently rub it on the lips daily, keep it on for sometime if possible.

Use a nourishing lip balm and always sleep with a lip balm on,mouth breathing at night might result in dry lips and wrinkles.

If possible do not expose your lips to direct sun, always use a lip product with SPF in it if you do venture out in the sun.SPF 15 or higher is recommended.

Use a lip pack of mashed papaya and honey drops and apply it on the lips for a while, this will bring the blood to the surface and act as a lip filler too.


Eating irritating foods with pepper or mustard or having orange juice and alcohol will aggravate dry lips and wrinkles.

Try this scrub, mix your lip gloss with baking soda and sugar and gently rub it on the lips in circular motion with finger tips and keep it on for 15 minutes before washing.

Use quality lip products that are moisturizing as well. Keep yourself hydrated by sipping on water the whole day.

If you are really keen on wrinkle free lips, try collagen injections if all else fails. You can use plumping lip products for temporary filling. Maintain a lip care routine of scrub, pack and lip balm and treatment to delay wrinkles in the long run, do not worry too much, do things which are under your control.

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  1. how we often ruin our skin health is by using poor quality stuff because of the lack of awareness scale, availability and budget restrain. the last nail in the coffin is busy schedule!
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