How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing

Do you think your skin is tired or uneven every time you look into the mirror? Has it been like that for a long time and you don’t know where to start? If yes, then probably this is the time to give your skin a complete makeover. Following tips will help you.

Glowing and clear skin

1. Start caring for your skin

The very first step in the direction of a complete makeover is to start caring for your skin. Ditch the careless attitude if you want to have a youthful, healthy and glowing skin. Many of us do not think twice before buying a cleanser or night cream or any other skin care product. Some of us don’t even use any skin care product. Well, all these factors contribute to the dullness of the skin.

Because of the mounting pollution, skin gets affected and if you don’t care for your skin, then its condition will become worse. Not to forget, picking on the pimple and not using any topical treatment also falls under the carelessness category. Not caring whether your skin is dry or oily is also not the right thing. Thus, start taking good care of your skin.

2. Know your skin care products

In order to start taking care of your skin, you must invest in some skin care products according to your skin type and needs. Before buying any skin care product, look at the ingredient list thoroughly to protect the skin from any discomfort. Some skin care products contain ingredients like paraben, mineral oil, etc. which can lead to breakouts that can leave scars on your skin.

Beautiful young woman washing up her face

Similarly, alcohol can be over-drying and lead to more sebum production on the skin. Apart from the knowledge of ingredients, one must keep track of the expiration date and storage details of the products. Be wise in every term when it comes to keeping your skin healthy.

3. Follow a particular skin care regimen

Hopping from one skincare product to another in a very small span of time is wastage of efforts and money. If you have started a skincare regimen, stick to it for at least four weeks. No product shows results miraculously overnight. You have to be patient to see the results of skin care products.

Also, when starting a new skin care regimen, always patch test the products to prevent skin irritation or breakouts. You must include the products formulated according to your skin type and needs. Also, try using chemical exfoliants and exfoliating serums once in a while as they can improve your skin a lot.

4. Get professional cleanups or facials

It is important to find a good salon or spa to maintain the glow and health of your skin. A professional can give you advice on what clean-up or facial you may opt for. Plus, your skin behaves differently in every season, thus professional advice is necessary.

Although, your skin care regimen can be good enough, it still needs some professional treatment. Professional clean-ups and facials can help in improving your skin drastically, which can surprise you as well. They offer various services according to the skin’s condition. Remember to look for a salon that provides a huge variety of quality services.

5. Opt for light chemical peel treatments for Major Skin Care Woes:

Nothing can give your skin a fresh start than a series of light chemical peel treatments. If you have acne, acne scars, dark spots, age spots or any other skin issue, a series of light chemical peel can provide it with some benefits while giving your skin a fresh and glowing look.

Nevertheless, do not forget to consult a professional skin clinic for your chemical peel. You can also consult a dermatologist to know more about it. Be sure to get all the necessary information about the chemical peel in advance.

6. Switch to a Healthy Diet:

You are what you eat and switching to a healthy diet and including nutritious food with every meal can make a world of difference for the body, hair, and skin. And diet programs on Rati Beauty app not only help you lose weight, with the high nutrition quotient, they improve the texture of skin and hair as well. Download the Rati Beauty app  on your phone for more details.

7. Drink Beetroot Juice Daily for Glowing Skin:

Taken in its raw form, one can get all the nutrients from beetroot intact. In fact, it’s one of the best way to detoxify and clear out pimples and blemishes. Drinking a glass of beetroot juice a day for two weeks will give you radiant skin. Adding carrot and orange to this juice can improve the flavour and nutrient content as well.

8. Drink Lots of H2O:

Nothing hydrates and moisturizes your skin as well as plain water. Just amp up the quantity of water and see a huge difference in your skin – because water helps to flush out toxins and keep the skin hydrated and supple.

9. Do Protect your Skin from Sun:

This is a thumb rule for healthy skin – do not skip sunscreen! Choose a sunscreen with a broad spectrum protection and with SPF no lesser than 30 whenever you step out.

10. Get Beauty Sleep, at Least 7 Hours Each Night:

When you sleep for 7 hours or more each night, your body will thank you with accelerating weight loss, curbing your appetite, and above you – it will make your skin glow! They call it beauty sleep just like that! Sleep well and do not get up from the bed without completing 7 hours of mandatory beauty sleep.

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