Kevyn Aucoin The Foundation Brush Review


Claims : This ergonomically designed brush is designed to create a smooth, even and perfect makeup finish every time. Versatile to be used with primers, powder, cream and liquid foundations. Densely packed synthetic bristles are specially designed to mimic human fingers. The tapered brush head is ideal for blending and works from any angle to create a flawless look without the mess.
Price : USD 82

My Experience with Kevyn Aucoin The Foundation Brush
I think I picked up this brush only because I was so intrigued by the whole design. Plus it comes from such a prestigious brand that I was not much worried about its quality. It’s a big fat found foundation brush by Kevyn Aucoin and I love it. 😀 If I have to put this brush in one line, I’d call it a “beauty blender on a stick”. It is a densely packed synthetic bristles brush. It is very soft on the skin. It is dome shaped so it helps in blending foundation / concealer even in smaller areas such as around the nose or underneath the eyes. The bristles bend quite a bit and once i have foundation in place, I just press the brush on my skin to get that flawless finish. It’s like giving a mini massage to the skin with this cushion(y) brush. Although it looks like such a heavy brush, the handle of this brush is very light and makes for a sturdy hold. I took a while to get used to using this brush. Since the bristles are quite dense, they tend to eat up a lot of product. So the best way that found for using this brush is by applying the foundation with finger tips or a flat foundation brush, then blend it in a dabbing motion -imagine blending your foundation with finger tips. This brush is designed to mimic that only.  It would give the most seamless and flawless look to the skin. It blends about just everything within seconds. You can also do the powder underneath the eyes with this brush. You can also use it for powder foundation and it would give you a very good coverage. The idea is to dab-dab and not really swipe.

The only drawback that I found with this brush is that it takes quite a bit to get completely clean. Because the bristles are denser and longer, you really have to make sure to get the sides and even the middle of the brush to make it super clean. Also, it takes good 24 hours to dry completely. I have washed it many times and boy! this brush has held it’s shape, has had no fall outs and looks as good as new.

I would not call it a must have brush. You can totally do without it since there are so many options available in market for foundation application. But it is a unique brush, gives a non-streaky flawless finish and something you would always enjoy using. I really like it. It’s just that sometimes I get lazy with the whole washing process with this one.
Rating : 4/5
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  1. Kevyn Aucoin products are really top notch! He was such a visionary! He would really have revolutionised the industry had he still been around! Such talent – lost so soon!

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