Khadi Acne and Pimple Powder Review

Khadi Acne and Pimple Powder Review

Hi Ladies,

Hope all of you are doing great.  You have no idea how much I have spent on skin care this summer. My skin behaved so badly all summer that I picked up every product which I felt could help. So, as luck has it always, some products worked and some did not. Today, I am going to review one such product. Keep reading to know if it was a hit or a miss.



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Ever since I started using Khadi’s almond whitening scrub and the Kesar gel scrub, I got hooked on to the product from the brand and have always had good experiences. I then ventured into their face packs and started using their Khadi Haldi Chandan Face Pack which has already been reviewed by Jomol. The pack worked wonders for my acne, it cleared out all my acne in a week and I started loving Khadi even more. The pack worked so well on my blemishes too that I used it twice a week and decided to keep going with it.  I ran out of the pack and tried to get another tin of it but fate had other plans for me and it was out of stock.  I happened to notice this little tin standing tall in the rack and the black letters written on it “Acne and Pimple” powder calling out to me.  I picked it up thinking this is what exactly I need for my acne.


Santra, Jaipphal, Manjeetha, Lodhra, Gulab, Tulsi, Haldi and Neem.

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Product Description:

This face pack comes in the cute little tin container which is just too adorable to be ignored. The actual product inside the container is packed in a zip-lock pouch.  I have transferred the product into the tin as I feel easier to work with the tin rather than the pouch. The product looks like Fuller’s Earth/multani mitti and its smell does not really appeal to me. It smells too strong and too sweet at the same time.

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My Experience with Khadi Acne and Pimple Powder:

This is the first Khadi product I have had a very bad experience with. Following the instructions on the pack, I mixed the powder with rose water and applied it on to my face, let it dry and washed it off. I did not see any considerable effect, not that I was expecting any wonders in one application. It dried out my skin but I thought it was no harm as it happened with the Haldi Chandan pack too. Then I applied it again after a couple of days, and then again after a week. What I then noticed was, instead of trying to help me with my acne, it started darkening my complexion 🙁 To my horror, I was turning darker every time I used it and also it started to break me out gradually. The very next moment all the content of the tin went straight in to the bin, I saved the tin for other use of course, 🙂

Acne and Pimple Powder 4

I hate what it has done to my skin, I don’t know what the reason behind it is, but whatever it is, I would never recommend anyone to even take a chance with this pack. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone right??:(

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Acne and Pimple Powder 8

Pros of Khadi Acne and Pimple Powder:

Nothing other than the affordable price. 🙁

Cons of Khadi Acne and Pimple Powder:

  • Darkens skin.
  • Causes break outs.

Would I Recommend Khadi Acne and Pimple Powder?


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11 thoughts on “Khadi Acne and Pimple Powder Review

  1. *shock* *headbang* *headbang*
    OMG! Don’t worry your skin will be back to itself soon 🙂

    Did you check the expiry?

    1. Yes vidhi…..i guess d prod was jst nt 4 my skin….i jst hope my skin bounces back quickly…… *scared*

  2. Omg breaks out the skin and darkens it *shock* *scared* throw it away as soon as you can honey *headbang* *headbang*

  3. *hunterwali* *hunterwali* to this product. What tall claims with no results!!. Thanks for the warning. I have very mixed results with khadi. Only liked their rose water so far.

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