Khadi Aloevera Herbal Face Wash with Scrub Review

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I’ve had this face wash since quite a while, but I missed reviewing it. I love Khadi products when it comes to skincare. Read on to know more.


Price: 250 INR for 250 ml

Claims & ingredients:


My Experience with Khadi aloevera herbal face wash:


I just do not want to repeat my rant about the Khadi bottles. It’s just very annoying, that I have so many bottles of these, even though they’re simple and convenient to use. When it comes to travel it’s a bit bulky.The face wash is bright sea blue in color. When you look at the bottle, you can see the abrasive scrub granules. This is an exfoliating face wash, which also acts as a scrub. Two purposes served in one, which I think is a great idea to save time. The consistency is a little on the runny side. When you take it on your palm, the product is actually colorless, with white colored granules. It is easy to apply and spread on moist face. The scrub particles are not very gentle; they do work in making your face smooth. It is not too harsh either, which makes it serve its purpose. My skin is not sensitive or dry, so it works well on me.

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It does not lather very much, but cleanses thoroughly. It almost unclogs and deep cleanses my pores. My skin is left feeling fresh and clean. All the dirt and oil are removed. But, sometimes I feel that the region around my cheeks feel stretchy. So, I guess this is not going to work on dry skin, even though they mention it is for all skin types. It has some good ingredients as well, which is a bonus. The quantity is huge and I might never be able to finish it up, even though I like it.


Pros of Khadi aloevera herbal face wash:

• Simple and convenient to use.
• Face wash and a scrub in one!
• Cleanses the skin thoroughly.
• The scrub particles are neither too harsh not gentle.
• Scrub particles act as a good exfoliator.
• Makes skin smooth and soft.
• Deep cleanses pores.
• Removes dirt and oil.
• Good ingredients.

Cons of Khadi aloevera herbal face wash

• The same old bottle.
• Bulky for travel.
• Makes skin stretchy but only sometimes.
• Huge quantity. I can definitely never finish this up. So it’s a con.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Khadi aloevera herbal face wash again?
Would definitely recommend this one, if you’re looking for a face wash cum scrub. Repurchase? Not in this era 😀 .

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