Khadi Amla Reetha Herbal Shampoo Review

Khadi Amla Reetha Herbal Shampoo

Hi Girls,

I read about sulphates and sulphides one morning. Sulphates and sulphides are present in our shampoos which we use. These shampoos usually claim that they will keep your hair manageable, soft and silky. But little did I know the harmful effects of these in the long run. These shampoos rob your hair of natural oils, leave a residue behind which even block your fancy conditioners to work thereafter. Therefore, making your hair conditioner proof :p


Khadi Amla Reetha Herbal Shampoo

Thus, I did a lot of research about Sulphate/sulphide free shampoos and I discovered Khadi range of products. I simply love the idea of going sulphate free. So today’s product is Khadi Amla Reetha Herbal Shampoo with Almond Oil, another variation with Bhringraj has already been reviewed at IMBB.

About Khadi Amla Reetha Herbal Shampoo:

Khadi Amla Reetha Herbal Shampoo with Almond Oil promotes natural Lustre, Healthy Growth, Amla stops graying and dandruff.


Amla, Reetha, Jatamansi, Bhringraj, Heratki, Heena, Almond oil & Neem.


INR 80/-

My take on Khadi Amla Reetha Herbal Shampoo with Almond Oil:

I tried looking for a review about this product but could not find any good reviews. Therefore, I thought of using it for a couple of weeks before I review it. I have been using it after every two days now and I seriously love it. For the price we pay we get what is written. Khadi products have worked average for me, but I am usually happy that it does not have any harmful side effects. I know for a fact that I use all natural ingredients while shampooing my hair.

Khadi Amla Reetha Herbal Shampoo (4)

The best part about this product is that it leaves my hair squeaky clean. Earlier shampoos which promised soft, silky hair were leaving my scalp oily and ends really dry.

I usually top my shampooing with proper conditioner and serum, because I have heard that natural/herbal shampoos leave our hair dry and frizzy. I am now going herbal, atleast for my hair. Also a natural way to detox 😉 the dark color of the shampoo is also achieved naturally due to reetha and amla. The fragrance is also pleasant and lingers on for a day or two.
I recommend this product to all my friends now, this way we all use natural products, which do not have chemicals and are also environment friendly.

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Pros of Khadi Amla Reetha Herbal Shampoo :

1. All natural ingredients, no sulphates or sulphides.
2. Leaves hair squeaky clean,
3. Nice natural fragrance,
4. Hair is manageable,
5. Long term benefits for healthy hair,
6. Very very reasonable,
7. No residue formation and oily scalp.

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Cons of Khadi Amla Reetha Herbal Shampoo:

1. Need to use conditioner and serum after shampooing,
2. The product is best suited for oily scalps.

Just a request for our readers, please tell me what all sulphate/sulphides free shampoos you use available in India/abroad.

Love to all.

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14 thoughts on “Khadi Amla Reetha Herbal Shampoo Review

  1. Right nw m using Khadi satritha shampoo. I am definately going to gv ths a try once I finish with my bottle.. *thankyou* for the review

  2. Ohhh this looks like a nice sulfate free one *drool* i have used tbs rainforest range, organix which are sulphate free and both available in India too…. *happy dance* plus now tresemme has also come up with keratin range which offers low sulfate shampoos *happydance* *happydance*

    1. Darling!!!! I think I will be using TBS next. I used that lower sulphate tressmme one earlier. but it still has suphides in different form. Plus it even left my scalp oily *headbang*

  3. I too got so eager to try the sulphate free shampoos. I am currently using Lass Naturals IHT 9 shampoo, which is quite good. I am loving my hair..

    BTW anyone sure that Khadi shampoos dont have sulphates, as they never provide complete ingredients list..

  4. Khadi shampoos never suit my hair which is dry from scalp to tip. They only make my hair more dry and unmanageable. It only helps if I do a deep conditioning treatment everytime I use a khadi shampoo and that’s not possible on weekdays. *cry*

  5. Hi Dear,
    Thanks for useful reviews. 🙂 my hair are getting grey at just 23 *scared* , so m gonna give this a try. And Body shop shampoo’s are sls / paraben free. And easily available too. You can give them a try *hifive*

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