Khadi Badam Lustrous Pack – Review

Khadi Badam Lustrous Pack

Hello all you beautiful ladies,

Skin care is a long process, cleansing, toning, moisturizing, massaging, scrubbing and what not? One more addition is face packs, which are also very important. Today I will be reviewing a face pack. It is the Khadi badam lustrous pack. We all the benefits of almonds on the skin, it makes the skin glowing and lustrous. This product name is composed of almonds, which means it should also have same qualities as that of badam. Let’s see how it performs.

Khadi Badam Lustrous Pack

Product Description:

It’s an ayurvedic almond face pack which imparts natural shine and youthful effect to the skin. It provides polishing effect to the epidermal layer and makes it more lustrous and glowing.

(each kilogram contains) Prunus Amygdalus 01ml, Prunus Ceasoides 10gm, Citraus Reticulate Blanco 10gm, Aloevera Tourn 01ml, Sodii Biboras 08gm, Glycerin 20ml, Light parafin 50ml, Ah of Zincum 10gm, Kao Linum 380gm, Emulsifying wax 50gm, Lanoline wax 10gm, Preservative 03gm, Calamine powder 20gm, Citrus Limon 03gm, Purified Water Q.S.

Khadi Badam Lustrous Pack (2)


50gm+10 gm free in this pack.


110 INR.

Shelf Life:

24 months.

Khadi Badam Lustrous Pack (6)


Apply the pack on wet face and leave it for 15 minutes. Let it dry and wipe off with moist cotton.

My take on Khadi Badam Lustrous Pack:

I came across this particular product online and liked it instantly. The name attracted me towards it, badam sounds so good for the skin. I have been using Khadi products off late, so this one didn’t make me think much and I ordered for it.

It comes in a round tub which is transparent and has a black cap. The cap seals in nicely and the product inside remains quite secured. The pack is light golden in color. Has a strong smell, which hopefully wont irritate the ones who like Pond’s cold cream 😛

Khadi Badam Lustrous Pack (3)

I have a combination skin and I use it after facial. I use it with rose water as its a dry texture as in, a lot of product required to spread all over the face. The instructions on the pack say, to be applied on wet face; therefore it is clear that it’s not very smooth to be applied on. I face difficulty in washing it off also; it tends to stick to the skin. I have a tough time rinsing off the corners of my face, like near the ear, forehead edges where the hair line starts. Messy it is.

After wash and pat dry, face looks glowing and soft. I use it after facial so supple and smooth. No dryness. But if you use it directly without facial, you might feel dryness as it doesn’t have much moisture content. So it is best to be used after facial.

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If you still want to use it in a hurry please make sure that you at least scrub the skin properly. Or else the skin will appear dry and flaky.

Pros of Khadi Badam Lustrous Pack:

• Simple packaging.
• Decent price.
• Tub packaging, its convenient to use the product in hurry.
• Imparts a glow on the skin.
• Enriched with goodness of almonds.
• No need to put it for long, it dries up very fast. I keep it for 10 minutes usually.
• Herbal and natural content used.

Cons of Khadi Badam Lustrous Pack:

• Smells like strong Ponds cream.
• Bad labeling, entire print is washed off.
• Very drying when applied, must be mixed with rose water to be applied easily.
• Lot of product is used up in a single use, if applied alone.

Will I Recommend Khadi Badam Lustrous Pack?

Yes you can try this once at least, will not be harmful as it’s totally ayurvedic.

Will I Repurchase Khadi Badam Lustrous Pack?

May be not; as it’s very dry in texture. Otherwise it’s not bad.

IMBB Rating:

3/5 (-2 for dry texture and bad printing on labels).

Hope you find this review of some use. Take care and thank you for your appreciation always.


Dry skin girls can give this a miss.


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    1. coz d texture is dry,n has a drying effect too for dry skin. but d product is gr8,no doubt.
      u can use it wid curd if you want 😉

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