Khadi Coco Fair ‘n’ Glow Cream Review

Khadi Coco Fair ‘n’ Glow Cream

Hi gorgeous ladies of IMBB are you all?

Today I am going to review another Khadi product its called coco fair n glow cream..this is one of my worst purchases from Khadi!! And seriously I regret buying this!!  😥  I actually bought it because my complexion got darker and I wanted my original complexion back .. and this cream did nothing rather than making it worse!!

Price: Rs. 82 for 50 grams


Product description:-

This creams improves complexion of the skin while reducing the tan….(whoa!! What big liars they are!!) Daily use ensures fairer and glowing skin.

Directions of use:-

Rub on face and hand in light circular motion with finger tip.



Basically it contains-

Rubia cordifolia:- Indian madder (flowering plant in coffee family)
Symploces racemosa:-lodhra
Ocimum sanctum:- holy basil (tulsi)
Rosa alba:- damsak rose
Aloevera tourn:-alovera gel
Sodium biboras:-suhaga-tinkal (antiseptic)
Purified water


My take on Khadi Coco Fair ‘n’ Glow Cream:-

When I initially bought I was excited about it because of cocoa and all..but after applying on my face..the first had a tingling affect..and just after 2 minutes, my face was looking as if I had dipped it in oil..urrggh..the worst thing was I ended up having breakouts and burning sensation on my skin..this cream instead of improving anything..just made my face look ugly..and gave a white cast on my skin..the worst thing I had to rush to my skin specialist.  😥 😥 it has given me pimples dark spots ..just in 3 days off application.
Texture:- When  I try to blend it, I noticed that it doesn’t  blend nicely but their is a very ugly white cast that stays on the face. So, if you are fair then obviously it will not be visible but if you are dusky or even medium skin toned then it will give a white cast, which will not go away even after blending it. This is the biggest drawback of this cream. After applying it, it feels that the skin is moisturized and is a bit greasy, if you have oily skin.


You can see it yourself I had to rub it n my skin but still it looks like a face mask


Colour:- Off-white

Smell:- It has a medicated smell.

I am really confused as to whom this product will suit, it makes skin greasy so not for oily skin for sure but then if not blended well, there would be a white cast. It says that it will not clog pores but I know it will , I used it for a couple of days which  made a few whiteheads  erupt on my nose.Honestly, after this, I will not recommend this Khadi coco fair n glow cream to anyone

Pros of Khadi Coco Fair ‘n’ Glow Cream


Cons of Khadi Coco Fair ‘n’ Glow Cream

  • Clogs pores
  • Whitecast
  • Takes time to get blended
  • Smells horrible
  • greasy
  • Not for oily skin
  • Breakouts and dark spots appear on skin

IMBB Rating :

2 out of 5

Recommendation:- No, I don’t recommend to anyone I have realized not to fall into the traps of those lightening and whitening things. They end up spoiling your face and sometimes you might end up giving a visit to a dermatologist…like me. Skin whitening creams can cause long term damage …so girls its better to stay away. This cream may end up making you look like a ghost.

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  1. what a dud!!! *hunterwali* *hunterwali* *hunterwali*
    it deserves not even 1/5 *nonono*

    thanks for the review. will stay miles away from this! 😛

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