Khadi Cooling Skin Toner – Aloe Vera

Khadi Cooling Skin Toner Aloe Vera

It’s only after IMBB, that I started following the CTM routine every day. Though I was aware of it, either I was too lazy or I completely forgot and skipped the toning part. And now, after seeing how great my skin has been while following the CTM routine in such short span of time, I feel bad for myself that I had neglected it all this while. So I have started checking every single review about all the available toners here on IMBB and stocking them up in my fridge:D.
Khadi Cooling Skin Toner Aloe Vera

And so far NIVEA oil regulating toner and Khadi ROSET have been my favorites. The former 2 have already been reviewed on IMBB, so here is the review of the Khadi toner I got!


A specially developed face toner which tones up the skin. It can be used for cold compression & cleansing the skin pores. It removes dirt, from the epidermal layer and gives soft touch to the skin.

Directions to use:

Take required quantity on cotton; rub to face elbow and neck for 2 min. clear with cotton. It can be used as mixing base for dry face pack and also with massage cream for better nourishing and cleansing result.
Khadi Cooling Skin Toner Aloe Vera (3)

Alovera Tourn, Cucumis Sativus, Mentha Piperata, Honey, Glycerin, Base, Preservative, Purified Water.

My take on Khadi Cooling Skin toner Aloe Vera:

The reason I actually started using this more than the Nivea toners, was because they get completely absorbed on to the cotton pads the moment you pour them (Yesss I pour them! I have dry skin and love using a lot of toner at one go. Sounds crazy I know, but somehow comforts me and makes me think that my skin remains well hydrated if I do this!)

I like the Nivea toners too; they are pretty effective and make my skin soft and supple. But the only thing I disliked was I could never get them on the cotton pads without spilling them. It never gets absorbed properly and quickly so I resorted to using this as I am in a hurry most of the time. Though I still use my Nivea toner at night.
Khadi Cooling Skin Toner Aloe Vera
It is very much similar to the ROSET toner. Makes my skin soft and supple and also gives me a feeling of firmness. I don’t see any alcohol content in the ingredient list, but I strongly suspect that there might be a low alcoholic base in this. All in all, does what a toner should do, and does its job well. But if you ask me which is a better one, among the ROSET and this, I would prefer the ROSET one. I usually use this and let my face dry under the fan for a minute. I can feel the freshness even after an hour or so after travelling that is.

Pros of Khadi Cooling Skin Toner – Aloe Vera:

Refreshing effect on skin. Makes it soft and supple. Khadi has a uniform packaging. Toners, cleansers, shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, you name it and they all come in same packaging and quantity. Most of the time it’s difficult to differentiate as they all look the same from a distant. But the color of this toner helps differentiate it among other bottles. Though not necessarily a pro, but it makes it easier while purchasing.
Khadi Cooling Skin Toner Aloe Vera swatch
And besides the huge quantity it comes at a pretty affordable price tag (because I use a lot of it, I finish it up in a month or so).

Cons of Khadi Cooling Skin Toner – Aloe Vera:

I couldn’t find anything except for the artificial color and the unmentioned (read: suspected) alcoholic base which it might have.

IMBB Rating:


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10 thoughts on “Khadi Cooling Skin Toner – Aloe Vera

  1. i love the roset toner *hifive* perfect for summers na..
    was planning to try this,will skip now *nababana*

    1. No Jomol, it doesnt Sting. But i don’t like the fragrance much. It’s just a toner that does its job. If you want to try, The try the ROSET toner. Tats like a million times better that this.

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