Khadi Cooling Skin Toner – Roset

Khadi Cooling Skin Toner – Roset

By Soundarya PS.

I had been using the Bare essentials Avera rose water reviewed by Jomol here and I love it lots. I wanted to try the Fabindia tea tree toner for my oily and acne prone skin,but it was out of stock in the Fabindia store in phoenix market city,Chennai. So,I ended up picking other random stuff from them and totally forgot about the toners especially their rose water. So,I ordered this toner online during an impulsive shopping and this is my first toner from Khadi. I was just attracted by the cute pink colour and the word”cooling” as I would need it in this hot summer.

Product Description:

A specially developed face toner which tones up the skin.It can be used for cold compression &cleansing the skin pore.It removes dirt,from the epidermal layer and gives soft touch to the skin.
Khadi Cooling Skin Toner Roset (5)

Method Of Use:

Take required quantity on cotton,rub on face,elbow and neck for 2min.Clean with cotton.It can be used as mixing with dry face pack and also with massage cream for better nourishing and cleansing result.


(In each kilograms contains) rosa alba 10g,ocimum sanctum 5g,aloevera tourn 5ml,base300 ml,preservative 2g,purified water to make 1kg.

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Shelf Life:

2 Years

My Experience with the khadi cooling skin toner-Roset:

It comes in a typical Khadi flip-top cap packaging which I think should be improved.I dropped it one day and the cap is half broken. Pretty fragile cap and I always prefer my toners in a spray bottle. Obviously now I have transferred the contents to my Avera bottle.

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The first time when i used it on the cotton pads to tone my skin after cleansing my face with the Fabindia tea tree face wash,I was surprised.It had removed all the dirt,and gave a cool feeling as per the description and I was definitely impressed. It did not sting me and does not make my skin greasy.It has a nice smelling rose fragrance and I knew the color and smell is artificial,but I cant help me falling for such pretty colors.

Next, I decided to try it out with my face packs.I used it in my multani mitti face pack.I was extremely happy with the instant chill it gave me when I mixed the pack with my hands and I could feel the cooling sensation on my face also.I think the cooling effect may be due to presence of aloevera and tulsi in its ingredients list.

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I feel it is similar to that of the Lotus rosetone toner.,but its lot more cheaper and comes in a huge quantity.

Let me sum up the pros and cons.

Pros of Khadi Cooling Skin Toner – Roset:

1.Gives Absolute cooling effect esp with face packs.
2.Effectively removes dirt and tones well.
3.Does not sting,no alcohol content.
4.Contains aloe vera and tulsi.
6.Huge quantity.

Khadi Cooling Skin Toner Roset

Cons of Khadi Cooling Skin Toner – Roset:

1.Poor Packaging.
2.Does not minimize my pores,but it doesnt claim so.
3.Contains Preservatives.

IMBB Rating:


Will I buyKhadi Cooling Skin Toner – Roset again?

Yes,sure.Atleast,to use it with my face packs for the cool feeling and as it is cheap!

Would I recommend Khadi Cooling Skin Toner – Roset to others?

Try it out gals.Hope you will like the cool cool effect.It is a good and affordable toner.:)
Thanks for reading my review and I hope it helps.:)


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16 thoughts on “Khadi Cooling Skin Toner – Roset

    1. Ya jomol…i just love avera rose water spray lots and finish it up so soon..Just wanted a change and this one made me surprised.I love the cooling effect.My mom told me to get one more for sis too:)

  1. Wish it would minimize pores too isnit? Am looking out for a toner as i too have oily skin. So this is a toner for oily skin isnit Soundarya…nice review.

  2. Thanks melissa:)This toner would suit all skin doesn’t dry out the skin.i dint xpct it to minimize the pores.i jus love the cooling effect.try it out if u can:)

  3. i just saw in store nearby in store. but the color looked so artificial like those magenta holi colors that we used to fill in our ballons when we were kids . i thought of those chemicals and chose not to buy it.

  4. I have used this…n yes agree to all ur points…its so gud especially its smell….:)
    will buy dis again..thnxs for reminding me… 🙂

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