Khadi Exfoliating Almond & Honey Facial Scrub Review

Khadi Exfoliating Almond & Honey Facial Scrub

Product description:

Almond-Honey Scrub is composed of medium and fine almond meal, corn meal and wheat flour grains blended with super fine Honey and Aloe Vera Gel. It works as a soft, natural exfoliating scrub removing dead skin cells, polishing the skin, and leaving it with a natural healthy glow. It is recommended for all skin types, except problem and blemished. Use twice a week. Mix a small amount of scrub with a few drops of water in the palm of the hand, lightly massage onto the skin’s surface, then rinse with tepid water.
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Rs 390 for 100 grams

My Experience with Khadi Exfoliating Almond & Honey Facial Scrub:

All the khadi products I tried before did not work very well for me but this particular product completely changed my mind against the brand. I hardly use scrubs on face as I prefer chemical exfoliators but once in a while I do like using a physical scrub. This is the recent Facial scrub I am using and completely love it.
The scrub comes in a medium sized plastic tub with a screw up cap, there is also a smaller variant available. The packaging is not the best for travelling but the white stopper prevents the scrub from spilling out. Once you open the cap there is the most divine and natural rose fragrance, if you do not like rose or floral fragrance then you will find it slightly overpowering. It is a clear gel based scrub with a slight yellow tint and has very fine scrub particles in it. It claims to contain almond, apricot, walnut particles, rose petals and many other natural things in the key ingredients. This scrub is definitely not the mildest but it is not at all harsh as well, if you have extremely sensitive skin then using a light hand with it is a good idea. I think it will be suitable for most skin types.
The texture is very light and it feels slightly cooling upon application.When compared to other scrubs slightly more quantity is required every time as a result, it will not last for very long but then I anyways get bored of using the same product for long 😛 The consistency is just right the gel is not very thick or runny. I just like using this scrub as it is on dry face, I feel it works better that way rather than using it on damp face, as it spreads easily and then remove it with water, it comes off very easily unlike cream based scrubs. It removes blackheads and whiteheads to an extent, steaming face before using it will help more in that case. I have extremely oily skin in summers and this scrub does not leave behind any residue. My skin does not feel oily or dry after using the scrub, it just feels super smooth and soft.
This is just the perfect summer scrub for me, I love the fragrance, texture, granules everything about it.Compared to other khadi products it is priced on slightly higher side but is completely worth it.


Pros of Khadi Exfoliating Almond & Honey Facial Scrub:

• Has alluring rose fragrance
• Light gel based texture
• Scrub particles are gentle on skin
• Skin feels very soft and smooth after using it
• Suitable for mostly all skin types
• Does not make my skin dry or oily
• Has many natural ingredients
• Easily available


Cons of Khadi Exfoliating Almond & Honey Facial Scrub:

• Complete ingredients list is not mentioned
• Tub packaging is not travel friendly

Do I recommend Khadi Exfoliating Almond & Honey Facial Scrub?

It is the perfect scrub for me especially for summers, and is definitely a must try for everyone.

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11 thoughts on “Khadi Exfoliating Almond & Honey Facial Scrub Review

    1. Hi Neha, I use salicylic and glycolic acid based exfoliators in the form of cleansers twice a day and also moisturisers. For cleanser I use saslic ds (2% salicylic acid) already reviewed on imbb and glomed face wash ( 5% glycolic acid), alternate between the two on weekly basis. And also Glyco A 12 % one once a week at night 🙂

  1. It’s texture is similar to FabIndia Neem Tulsi Gel Scrub na 😀 I will give this a try after my two scrubs get over..I have FabIndia and Beauty Formulas lined up to finish *hihi* *hihi* nice review 🙂

    1. *thankyou* it happens with me all the time, but this time I got this one only after finishing my st ives one, you will like this one 🙂

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