Khadi Face Wash Rose Sandal with Tulsi Chandan Review

Khadi Face Wash Rose Sandal (with Tulsi Chandan) Review

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I am back with another Product review from Khadi. This is again a part of my recent haul from Khadi. Last two products that I reviewed were not upto the mark. I am reviewing one more face wash and this time it is Rose Sandal (with Tulsi Chandan). Let us see how it faired.

khadi rose face wash rose sandal

Product Info: Rose and sandal with tulsi and chandan based face wash which cleanses the skin and give nourishment to the skin.

Each kg contains: Rose Alba 4g, Santilum Albulum 1g, Ocimum Sanctum 4g, Cucumis Sativus 10ml, Glycerin 5 ml, SLES 380ml, Preservative 3.5g, citric acid 1g and Purified Water to make one 1000ml

khadi rose face wash rose sandal review

Method of Use: Rub on to face and massage well. Rinse off with water

Price: INR 65 for 100 ml

My Experience with Khadi Face Wash Rose Sandal (with Tulsi Chandan)
First of all I do not why they have mentioned sandalwood twice in the name of the product. I mean chandan and sandal means same. OK ladies this time it is a pink colored product (that too a nice candy pink).. :-P. This product too comes in a squeeze tube made of clear plastic with a flip top cap. I really like the concept of the clear packing, atleast you get to see the product left. Otherwise the packing is pretty boring just like all Khadi products. The face wash has a very nice consistency, pretty thick gel like. Although the product looks pretty pink in the tube, but when taken in small quantity it hardly shows up. This is may be because of the very light tint that it has.

khadi rose face wash rose sandal bottle

The moment I opened the bottle expecting it to smell like detergent; I was filled with a nice refreshing smell of rose, chandan and kewra. The smell is very sweet and smells a bit like roohafza. I really like it, maybe because I had little hopes and it turned out to be pretty decent.

The face wash lathers pretty well, which proves that it is not 100% soap free. The face wash cleanses effectively. It is able to remove all dirt and grime efficiently. It even removes my make-up upto some extent which is really good. So whenever I go with light makeup like BB cream and eye-liner, I prefer to use this face wash to remove it off. The only thing that pinches me its key ingredient which S.L.E.S and that ~400ml in 1000ml. That is too much that my skin can bear. *nonono* *nonono*

Pros of Khadi Face Wash Rose Sandal (with Tulsi Chandan)

  •  Made of clear plastic
  •  Hygienic packing
  •  Nice pink color
  •  Sweet smelling. Really good
  •  Lathers well
  •  Cleanses effectively
  •  Removes make-up upto some extent

Cons of Khadi Face Wash Rose Sandal (with Tulsi Chandan)

  •  Boring packing
  •  Contains SLES. A lot of for your skin to bear
  •  Makes skin a bit dry


IMBB Rating: 2/5 (I know looking at the pros, I have given it a such bad rating. The only reason would be its contents which is not acceptable)

Overall it is a nice face wash just like any other regular face wash but I expected more out of Khadi. 🙁

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