Khadi Fruity Gleem with Aloe Vera Facewash Review

Khadi Fruity Gleem with Aloe Vera Facewash

Hello dearies,

I hope everyone is really enjoying the festival time. I want Diwali to come soon so that all the area is jazzed up with electric colourful light and gorgeous diyaas and rangolis. We need to wait a while till that I will share my review for today that is a face wash from khadi. This is the first time I am trying a face wash from khadi. The skin care products have worked great for me from this brand but the hair care was sad. Let’s see whether this product satisfied me or not.

Khadi Fruity Gleem with Aloe Vera Facewash


Rs. 135 for 210 ml

Product description:

An ayurvedic base face wash which cleanses the skin and give nourishment to the skin. Ideal preparation for face and hand wash .

Method of use : Rub into face and hand, massage will and wash off.

Ingredients : ( In each gram contains ) RubiaCardifolia 10mg, Phoenix Detylifera 10mg, CucuimsSativus 50mg, CocosNucifera 04mg, honey 20mg, Preservative 5g, Base E 370mg & Purified Water to make one gram.

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How I liked the Khadi fruity gleem with aloe vera face wash:

I have a high amount of stocks of face washes in my closet which almost looks like a shop but I don’t know I end up buying more than I need. This face wash attracted me because of the tag fruity gleem and I love fruity stuff so I ended up getting this one. It comes in a soft transparent plastic bottle which makes it easy for us to see how much product is left. It has a black flip open cap with a small hole in between and gives out the needed product only. The cap is also convenient to use and does not cause a harm to my nails at all, so I happy with the packaging. The only cons of the packaging are that it is very bulky so cannot be carried along and although it is not my favourite so I wouldn’t even have carried it either ways. It looks very dull and I think khadi should really make some attractive kind of packaging because all the bottle be it shampoo, conditioners, body washes, lotions or face washes looks the same. But the positive side here was that is face wash had a lovely refreshing parrot green colour which makes the bottle look attractive indeed. The consistency of the face wash is like a gel so I enjoy using it. The fragrance is mainly of green apples so would not be relevant to call it fruity gleem and has a hint of that ayurvedic smell. I used it for a week and I must say that the quantity is enormous and it does not go down, this bottle will work out for a long time even if you wash your face twice in a day with this. It made my skin as usual nothing special. It did not harm my skin or did not even break me out. It helped to clear out the dirt and impurities and also the excess oil from my skin and helped me feel refresh but did nothing extra-ordinary that I would consider it better than any average face washes.

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Pros of Khadi Fruity Gleem with Aloe Vera Facewash:

-Available online at reputed sites and the khadi store as well
-Has natural ingredients
-The quantity is too good for the price
-The colour of the gel is very attractive
-It has a gel consistency and I like using gel kind of face washes
-Cleaned up the dirt, oil and impurities from my skin
-Did not cause rashes or did not even break me out.

Cons of Khadi Fruity Gleem with Aloe Vera Facewash:

-Dull and boring packaging; all the stuff from khadi looks the same
-Not travel friendly due to the bulky bottle
-Did not do anything special so can be out into the category of average face wash
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Will I repurchase/recommend khadi fruity gleem with aloe vera face wash?

No I will neither get it again nor recommend it because we have a lot more better products in the market and we have used better products than this one , so I would tell everyone to kindly skip this one.

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IMBB Rating: 3/5

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