Khadi Gold Massage Cream – Review

Khadi Gold Massage Cream

Hello lovely ladies,

How’s everyone? All of us like make-up and beauty products, but all this will be of no use if your facial skin is not healthy. Proper face care is the most important out of all beauty regimen and makeup interests. So, today I will review a massage cream good for facials. Its Khadi Gold massage cream. Khadi products are quite generous and true to their claims mostly as per my experience. This one is no different.

Khadi Gold Massage Cream

Product Description:

Gold is a malleable soft metal, which penetrates into the skin when massaged. This product made of 24 karat gold with other herbal extracts. It contains natural anti-ageing and fairness quality. It also helps to tone up and glow the skin. It removes dead cells and dust.

Ingredients :

( In each grams contains ) Aloe Indica 20mg, Santalum Album 20mg, Rose Alba 100mg, Gold Scrub 0.5mg, Vaseline 50mg, Minral Oil 50ml, Emulsifying wax 30mg, bees wax 100mg, Preservative 05mg, Purified Water Q.S. particles from epidermal layer of skin. It can also be used as home facial cream.


Generally 40gm but in this pack its 10gm free

Khadi Gold Massage Cream (4)


140 INR

Shelf Life:

2 years.

My take on Khadi Gold Massage Cream:

I have been using quite a few Khadi products recently and to my knowledge they are all good and satisfactory. This one is a massage cream which can be best used at home for facial. The packaging is like always simple and precise. This comes in flat round jar with a black cap. The cream is like any ordinary cream texture wise and is wheat-ish in color. It has a bearable smell, which is neither strong nor soft (Ponds like smell).

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I start up with a cleanser and follow with scrub and then comes the turn of this massage cream. The texture is neither too oily nor dry, it just the right intensity, but I feel it should have been slightly oilier as it’s a massage cream. It glides easily onto the skin; it’s not hard like fruit massage cream I have previously used (Naturoma), thank God for that. I have to redo it within 2-3 minutes of massaging, as my cheeks totally absorb the cream 😛 mine is a combination skin.

After the facial my facial skin appears to be clean, glowing, very soft and suppler. I am not quite sure of the gold claims, as gold will not be available at this price 😛 so maybe it’s too much to say it has 24 karat gold in the content.

Pros of Khadi Gold Massage Cream:

• Nice hassle free packaging.
• Affordable massage cream.
• Leaves skin soft, clear and glowing (generally the next morning).
• Smells sweet.
• Smooth and glides on the skin easily.
• Natural ingredients used, free from chemicals.
• Improves complexion.
• Does what it claims almost.
• Has an anti-ageing property.

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Cons of Khadi Gold Massage Cream:

• Gold content claim, I am not sure about.
• Should have been little oilier being a massage cream.
• The labeling should have been better quality, half the information seems withered away.
• Availability is a problem, I have seen it online.

Khadi Gold Massage Cream (3)

Do I Recommend Khadi Gold Massage Cream?

Oh definitely yes. It’s a great value for money product, serves right for a massage cream easy on the skin. Its free from chemicals, it will not harm the skin.

Will I Repurchase Khadi Gold Massage Cream?

Yes surely, when I finish with this tub. I am always game for natural content products 😉

IMBB Rating:


Khadi Gold Massage Cream Swatch

Hope you find this review useful, thanks for reading my review. Will see you soon, take care all of you and keep it gorgeous 😉

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