Khadi Gold Scrub Review

Khadi Gold Scrub Review

Hi Ladies,

How is everyone doing? The weather is getting increasingly cold with each passing day and I hope everyone has great plans for the holiday season ahead. *happydance*  Today’s review is about a scrub from one of my favorite brands *pompom* which has never disappointed me so far, so keep reading to check out how this one fared on my list.  The Khadi Badam Whitening Scrub is one of my favorites *haan ji* as it does a great job in exfoliating my skin and also stands true to its claim of brightening up the skin with every wash.  So, after I ran out of my Everyuth scrub, I wanted to reach for my favorite badam scrub again and when I ventured into the Khadi counter, I came across this gold scrub and wanted to give it a try because the “gold” tag in products has always worked for me.



INR 200 for 210 ml.


Prunus Cerasoides 30mg,Rosa Centifolia 80mg,Aegle Marmelos 20mg,Ash of Zincum (R.T) 30mg,Gold Scrub .05mg,Granuales Juglans Regia 20mg,Minral oil 300mg,Preservative 5mg,Purified water to make each gram.

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Khadi Gold Scrub 2

Directions To Use:

Squeeze a small quantity on wet palm of your hand. Rub the scrub on wet face, elbow and neck gently with finger tips in circular motions for 5-6 minutes and clean with moist cotton.  Don’t rub on acne and pimples.

Product and Packaging:

The Khadi Gold scrub comes in a plastic bottle with a screw on flip cap lid. The packaging is average but yet can be carried around in your bag without the fear of spillage. Since I have already used up two bottles of the badam scrub from the same range which comes in the exact same packaging, I can say that the packaging can be a little troublesome when the product is half way through as you need to work a little hard in getting the product out of the nozzle.

The product is super creamy scrub and it contains small granules which I would NOT definitely call gentle. The particles are quite abrasive but the extra creaminess of the product fails the purpose of the scrub as you can hardly get an exfoliation effect and you just feel as though you are massaging your skin with a rich textured massage cream having particles here and there. *headbang*

Khadi Gold Scrub 3

My Experience with Khadi Gold Scrub:

Like I already mentioned, the creaminess of the scrub does not really let you feel the exfoliation or removal of dead skin from your skin. The directions mentioned on the pack say you need to gently massage your skin for about 5-6 minutes which is the standard instruction on every scrub from Khadi.

Khadi Gold Scrub 5

I always wondered why they would ask you to do it for 5-6 minutes and who would have the patience to scrub for so long, besides it might not be very safe for the skin either, but when I tried the method with the badam scrub, it worked well; however, it does no good with this gold scrub. *whistle*

Khadi Gold Scrub 4

All I feel is as though I have massaged my skin with a creamy product which leaves behind a greasy feel, hence I guess dry skinned beauties would like this one, not for my oily skin type.  The fragrance is like that of Fair and Lovely cream, yeah I know its funny, but that is what I could sense out of this scrub. 😛

Khadi Gold Scrub 8

Pros of Khadi Gold Scrub:

  • Great quantity for the price, would last very long.
  • Decent packaging.
  • Mild fragrance.
  • Does not irritate the skin.

Cons of Khadi Gold Scrub:

  • Does not serve the purpose well due to its extra creaminess.
  • Not for all skin types.

Would I Recommend Khadi Gold Scrub?

Hmm….may be not. *nonono* you could rather find the badam scrub much more better to serve the purpose of good exfoliation.

Would I Repurchase Khadi Gold Scrub?

Never!!!! *nababana*

IMBB Rating:

2.5/5 (Am just being nice to the brand) *hihi*



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  1. Ohhhh yaaaa the granules are lost inside the cream *hihi* *hihi* *hihi* it will give a very mild exfoliation *headbang* *thankyou* for sharing this or else a lot of us would have got it looking at the name *hihi* *hihi* *hifive*

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