Khadi Green Apple Care Lustrous Glowing Pack Review

Khadi Green Apple Care Lustrous Glowing Pack Review

After reading the Khadi Badam Lustrous glowing pack review in IMBB, I remembered using a similar pack. This one is green apple variant. Another interesting ingredient to be in a face pack. Let’s dive deep into the review.

Khadi Green Apple Care Lustrous Glowing Pack

Product Description:
An almond based face pack with green apple extracts, which improve skin texture, firmness and elasticity. An ideal preparation for skin glowing.

(each kilogram contains) Rosa Alba 10gm, Ocimum sanctum 10gm, Aloevera Tourn 05ml, Glycerin 10ml, sodii biboras 06gm, Prunus Amygdalus 1.50ml, Ash of Zincum 10gm, Kao Linum 300gm, Base 105gm, Preservative 04gm, Citrus Lemon 04gm, Calamine 10gm, Purified Water to make 1 kg.

Khadi green apple care glowing pack

How to Use:
Apply the pack on wet face after cleansing, let dry and clean after 15 min with moist cotton.

50gm+10 gm free in this pack.

120 INR.

Shelf Life:
24 months.

My Take on Khadi Green Apple Care Lustrous Glowing Pack
Green apple seemed to a very good option for a face pack. I have not used to a readymade face pack from the Khadi. Most of us have come across the powder face pack in silver tin. This is the first khadi’s instant use face pack I came across and instantly picked it.



This comes in a round tub container with a black lid. The fragrance is little heavy but not unpleasant. The color of the face pack is light peach. I have combination skin which requires little moisture even during summers. This one is little thick in consistency and that makes it little difficult to spread. One can use it with rose water but I use it directly and it works fine.
I apply it all over the face and wash it in 10 minutes. It gets dried up in 10 minutes on me. After washing I feel my skin feels soft and supple. There is a visible glow in the skin though it doesn’t last more than a day. It does give a temporary glow. I didn’t feel any dryness or flakiness but I didn’t feel the need to follow it up with the moisturizer. It should work for combination skin as it has worked for me. I highly doubt its usage on dry skin.


  •  Imparts glow to the skin
  •  Easy on pocket
  •  Herbal product with the goodness of Green apple
  •  Dries up fast.
  •  Suits my combination skin
  • Doesn’t cause break out


  •  Fragrance is bit strong
  •  Might not suit dry skin
  •  Thick consistency
  • Gets used up easily


I liked this face pack for the glow it imparts. It dries up fast and can be used in a hurry. When I feel dull and wants instant glow, I know what to do now.

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12 thoughts on “Khadi Green Apple Care Lustrous Glowing Pack Review

  1. i had reviewed the badam lusturous pack, it was also similarly quick dry and adds glow 🙂
    this one also seems good, nice review 🙂

  2. The words instant glow sound tempting. I get Khadi products very close to my place. will keep a lookout for this one. The price is not bad at all. One of those instant facials..:)

    thanks for this review.

  3. my god so many khadi face masks, am confused nw.. 😛 i guess its great for oily sensitive skin dear?? i wud probably try it as it is green apple my fav fruit.. 🙂

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