Khadi Herbal Body Wash Rose and Honey Review

Khadi Herbal Body Wash Rose and Honey

Hi everybody…

I told you about my recent online purchase which included a few khadi products, this is one of them. I am a huge rose fragrance fan and I had to buy this one. I like all the 4 khadi products I bought so far. With products like this you feel online shopping is a boon. Anyways, to know further about this one, read on.

Price: INR 100


Benefits: Khadi rose and honey body wash indulge your senses with beautiful soap free cleansing gel that will leave your skin feeling cleansed, refreshed and soft with a whisper of beautiful rose fragrance.

Direction: Apply to wet skin all over the lather and rinse. Use daily if desired.

Ingredients: Water, geranium oil, aloe vera, rose centifolia, ananas comosus, crocus sativus, azadircta, honey, base qs.

My take on Khadi Herbal Body Wash Rose and Honey:

It comes in the typical khadi transparent bottle and the pink liquid can be seen through it and it has a black cap. From outside it seems to be a viscous liquid, where actually it is in gel form. I like the concept of bath gel. Talking about the fragrance, now you know I love rose fragrance but this one is a bit different. Like it does not smell of roses alone, it is a mixture of Indian roses and leaves may be, like the kind of fragrance you sniff while walking in a rose garden. This is may be because of honey in the ingredients. It is fresh and mild just like morning fragrances should be. The negative thing is the fragrance does not remain after bath; it remains just for those 15-20 minutes of your bathing time.


For the usage I put on a very small amount of liquid on my loofah and it lathers really well, like I do not have to keep taking it again on the loofah for the full body wash, just one time pouring works very well. Even if it is soap free I did not face any issues with lathering. It is good in that sense too- it cleanses very well despite of being soap free. My face wash from vlcc is also soap free and it suits me quite well because I have sensitive skin.

Rinsing off is also not a problem with this one, it is not among those creamy ones that need tonnes of water to be rinsed off from the body. This one neither adds nor rips off moisture from my body.

As I told that it takes very less amount for a single bath, the bottle would go a long way.

I love the thing that it is mostly made from the natural ingredients and somewhere in my mind I know, I am not harming my skin with chemicals.

Pros of Khadi Herbal Body Wash Rose and Honey:

• It is a cute sturdy bottle.
• It smells very good.
• It lathers really well despite being a soap free formula.
• I like that it comes in a gel form.

• It is made from natural ingredients.
• The bottle would go a long way.
• It is very decently priced.
• Khadi products are easily available.

Cons of Khadi Herbal Body Wash Rose and Honey:

• Fragrance does not remain at all after bath.
• There is nothing fancy about the packaging.

Will I repurchase it?

Yes, rose fragrances are meant to be repurchased by people like me. 😛

Will I recommend it?

Yes. You should try it out. I am sure you will like this soap free bathing gel with mild fragrance coming at such an inexpensive amount.

IMBB rating: 4.5/5

Until next time, take care!

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      1. Just wanted to check frm where do u purchase for Khadi products.. Khadi’s owen website or some other sites.
        Usually I see khadi products which I want out of stock on other online sites

  1. Loved the colour *drool* *drool* it looks pretty reasonable and good too *hifive* *hifive* *woot* you are such a rose addict na *happy dance*

  2. *woot* *woot* loved the color *drool* such a nice pink and rose fragrance*drool* …i am getting this *jogging* *happy dance*

  3. The color and the fragrance of this body wash is totally attracting me. *happy dance* 😀 *jogging*
    Nice pick Sahiba! *hifive*

  4. nice review… the color looks so soothing 😀
    we dont get khadi products in my city *cry*
    y’day only i ordered few of them online *happydance* *happydance*

  5. I love the fragrance of roses! I am going to buy this the next time I go shopping although I already have other body wash products that I need to finish. *secret*

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