Khadi Herbal Chocolate Honey Body Butter Cream Review

Khadi Herbal Chocolate Honey Body Butter Cream

“You’re pretty amazing, so it only makes sense your skin should be too. That’s why we created our crave-worthy body butter. It moisturizes and conditions your skin with a naturally decadent blend of softening Honey and Chocolate combined with nourishing Butter. Resulting in your skin feeling happily hydrated and silky smooth. It’s the body butter born to be beautiful.”

Price: 140. But you can buy at discount from their own store online.


INR 140 but you can buy it at lesser from their own online store.

I got this solely for the name and OMG I am delighted to have got this intoxicating sweet and sensual smelling chocolate butter. I mean I am only a minute away from eating or baking it into a cake 😛 this cream smell overpoweringly and heavenly of chocolate and slightly sweeti-sh smelling like honey too but I fell for it so badly that I have already ordered another one.


The cream comes in a regular Khadi like tub and I do not mind it much honestly khadi products have lesser chemicals, are easily available and provide a decent quantity and almost everything you need for skin and hair care.They come at a great price and the bottles are so huge that almost your whole family could use it.I am loving the conditioner from them these days and did a haul too part of which this butter cream came.


The butter is named cream too and feels like a regular oil-based light cream which looks like cocoa creme and smells deliciously sweet and heavenly OTT of cocoa powder. I love ti so much that every time I use it I close my eyes and take a minute to indulge my senses into this sin-free cocoa creme.I am so happy they made something like this even though a very very overpowering smelling cocoa cream but still 😛


The cream feels light and whipped but you need very less as this is not sticky but could feel oily and leave a residue on the body,which makes it nice for night wear but still I wish it would have a more absorbing formula. As of now this feels very much like regular other khadi creams but feels whipped.


This did a good job at moisturizing my normal skin. I notice the smell of cocoa lasts almost an hour and I enjoy it on me. 😛 others might ask you if you were eating a chocolate if you wore this office or public place with friends. I am happy with the performance of this cream and the smell of cocoa is strong and divine! I say chocolate lovers please do try it! skin feels smooth too, what else do you want from this body cream?


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9 thoughts on “Khadi Herbal Chocolate Honey Body Butter Cream Review

  1. OMG Neha I am so tempted to eat it, right from the tub, looks so yummy. No wonder u had to order another one *drool* *drool*

  2. I had almost given up on Khadi because of the average ratings and my not so good experience with the body wash…will pick this up in winters…looks like its gonna feeel yum on my skin *drool* *drool*

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