Khadi Herbal Conditioner – Orange Lemongrass

Khadi Herbal Conditioner – Orange Lemongrass

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I got this conditioner during my last visit to Khadi Bhandar. I had not used a lot of Khadi products before, with the exception of soaps. But this time I ended up getting a lot of stuff. Some of them worked for me, while the others did not. Read on to find out how Khadi Herbal Conditioner Orange Lemongrass fared for me.

Khadi Herbal Conditioner Orange Lemongrass


Rs. 120 for 210ml.

Product Claims:

Khadi Orange Lemongrass Hair Conditioner is a wonderful moisturizer that revitalizes and strengthens damaged hair.


Orange Oil, Bergamot Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Aloe Vera, Centellaasiatica Brahmi, Glycerine, Citrus Limon (Lemon), Conditioner Base QS.

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My Experience with Khadi Herbal Conditioner- Orange Lemongrass:

The conditioner comes in the usual Khadi bottle, transparent with a black cap that has a nozzle. The product is off-white in colour. It smells like a Satreetha shampoo that I’ve used in the past, maybe even a chayvanparsh. I don’t know if I like the smell or hate it. The consistency of the conditioner is like that of a normal conditioner, neither too thick nor too runny. It’s a bit silky to touch. I used it with a Khadi shampoo that I had recently bought. My hair felt frizzy and scratchy. No conditioning at all. Then I tried it with my Organic Surge shampoo and my hair felt silky and smooth. So, basically it does nothing for your hair. I don’t know what else to say. I am done with Khadi products, at least the hair care products. My hair is better off with without any conditioner than this particular one.

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Pros of Khadi Herbal Conditioner- Orange Lemongrass:

• Cost effective.

Cons of Khadi Herbal Conditioner- Orange Lemongrass:

• No conditioning action at all.

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Will I Repurchase Khadi Herbal Conditioner- Orange Lemongrass?


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7 thoughts on “Khadi Herbal Conditioner – Orange Lemongrass

  1. Good review and very informing. Have always been disappointed with Khadi products. Had once used their Shampoo and face wash, both failed to deliver results.

  2. Lolllllllll rofl rofl such a waste na *headbang* *headbang* no conditioning then what to do with it *hihi*

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