Khadi Herbal Face Pack Powder – Cucumber Review

Khadi Herbal Face Pack Powder – Cucumber

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Khadi Herbal Face Pack Powder - Cucumber

Winters have started in north India and I miss them here in Mumbai. My review is on Khadi Herbal face pack powder- Cucumber. This is my second face pack from Khadi. I had already reviewed Mint face pack here. Let me share my experience with the cucumber face pack.


INR 90 for 50gms (got it at a discount for 76).

Shelf Life:

2 years from manufacturing

Product Description:

An ayurvedic face pack which absorbs the excess oil secretions of the skin. It helps to dry the pus acne and provide healing effect to control the pimples. It is useful in scars and blemishes. An ideal preparation for skin tightening and make skin healthy. (I believe they have same product description for all the face packs. It is same as of Mint face pack *haan ji* )
Khadi Herbal Face Pack Powder - Cucumber (6)
Method of use:

For natural result, mix powder with rose water or water to make paste. Apply it on face keep it 30 min. than wash it with cool water.


( In each kilogram contains ) Cucumis Sativus 25.00gm, Azadiratatcha Indica 15.00gm, Ocimum Sanctum 17.50gm, Citarus reticulate blanco17.50gm, Rubia Cordifolia 5.00gm, Terminalia Arjuna 7.50gm, Symploces Recemosa 7.50gm, Rosa Alba 5.00gm, Kaolinum 200.00gm, Preservative 8.00gm base to make 1 kg.

Khadi Herbal Face Pack Powder - Cucumber (2)

My experience with Khadi Herbal face pack powder- Cucumber

The face pack comes in tin packaging with polythene packaging outside the tin. Inside the tin there is airtight sealed face pack. You can take the required amount and then seal the polythene. My last face pack didn’t have the sealed polythene, so I had to tie rubber band on the opening. I don’t know why they do not have a standardized packaging. Also the cap of the tin is not so tight. The face pack is brown in colour and as soon as I opened the polythene, it smelt of rose- quite like homemade rose water. Then I checked the ingredients and it had the ingredient – Rose Alba. I was expecting the cucumber like fragrance but never mind the rose fragrance is far better and I actually liked it. I mixed it with Rose water and applied on my face with my usual face pack brush. Application is easy. I kept it for 15 minutes. The dried face pack looks exactly like mutani mitti pack. The directions say to keep it for 30 minutes but it got dried in 15 minutes so I removed it. Removing the pack is also easy.

Khadi Herbal Face Pack Powder - Cucumber (4)

After removing the pack I didn’t see any extraordinary impact. Instead it made my skin dry. I got the stretchy feeling. Imagine if it made my oily skin dry then it is not made for the dry skinned girls. I didn’t like anything else apart from the fragrance. So summing up the positives and negatives.

Khadi Herbal Face Pack Powder - Cucumber (3)

Khadi Herbal Face Pack Powder - Cucumber (5)

Yays for Khadi Herbal face pack powder- Cucumber

• Affordable
• Reusable packaging.
• Floral fragrance
• Herbal
• Availability

Nays for Khadi Herbal face pack powder- Cucumber

• Did no wonders. It claims to reduce scars and blemishes. But it didn’t even provide a glow.
• Made my skin stretchy
• The pack is a mess, I like clay packs where you can just apply it (personal preference)

Will I buy it again or will I recommend Khadi Herbal face pack powder- Cucumber?

No I won’t buy it again. There are so many good face packs available in the market. I would rather give them a try. No, I won’t recommend it to others, as it did no wonders rather it left my skin with a stretchy feel

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