Khadi Herbal Face Pack Powder with Haldi Chandan Review

Khadi Herbal Face Pack Powder with Haldi Chandan Review


I hope everyone’s safe in Hyderabad, deeply sad for the people who lost their lives and got injured for no reason 🙁 Coming to today’s review, I am all set for summers with products that I specifically picked up for the hot and scorching days ahead.  My skin becomes super oily during summers and powder packs with clay are the best bet for me.  I picked this haldi chandan face pack from Khadi because I want to believe that they use authentic ingredients, even though they do add preservatives.

Product Description:

An ayurvedic face pack which absorbs the excess oil secretion of the skin.  It helps to dry the pus acne and provide healing effect to control the pimples.  It is useful in scars and blemishes.  An ideal preparation for skin tightening and makes skin healthy.


How To Use:

Mix powder with rose water or water to make a paste.  Apply it on face and keep it for 30 minutes.  Wash it with cold water.


Rs. 90 for 50 gm.


Santilum albulum 5.0 gm, curcuma longa 5.0 gm, azadiratcha indica 16.0 gm, ocimum sanctum 23.7 gm, citraus reticulate blanco 23.8 gm, rubia cordifolia 8.0 gm, terminalia arjuna 8.0 gm, symploces racemosa 8.0 gm, rosa alba 7.5 gm, kaolinum 200.00 gm, preservative 8.00 gm, base to make 1 kg.

Haldi Chandan Face Pack 1

My Take on Khadi Herbal Face Pack Powder with Haldi Chandan:

First, I would decipher all those ingredients for you.  This pack contains Indian sandalwood (5.0 gm), turmeric (5.0 gm), nee (16.0 gm), tulsi (23.7 gm), mandarin orange (23.8 gm), manjistha (8.0 gm), arjuna (8.0 gm), Lodha (8.0 gm), Rose (7.5 gm), kaolin.  The long ingredient list would make everyone happy, including me.  There’s a whole lot of herbal products other than sandalwood powder and turmeric.  The face pack comes in a powder form in a small steel container.  The powder has a pleasant and mild fragrance.

Haldi Chandan Face Pack 2

I mix the powder with rose water to make a medium consistency paste and apply it on the face and keep it on for 20 minutes and that’s all the time its required for the face pack to completely dry up.  It washes off the face easily and does not leave any yellow tinge on the face.

Haldi Chandan Face Pack 6

Haldi Chandan Face Pack 3

I did feel that the face had become oil free and a bit tight after using the mask.  It does make the skin a bit dry, so I need to follow it up with a moisturizer.  It leaves a refreshing feeling on the skin.  Not a face pack for winters though, this one is good for summer.  I am going to get more of these.

Haldi Chandan Face Pack 5

Pros of Khadi Herbal Face Pack Powder with Haldi Chandan:

  • Refreshing face pack.
  • Clears up oil on the skin.
  • Contains a lot of good herbal ingredients including sandalwood and turmeric powder.
  • Contains kaolin clay.
  • Good face pack for oily skin.

Haldi Chandan Face Pack 8

Cons of Khadi Herbal Face Pack Powder with Haldi Chandan:

  • Dries up the skin a bit, would have to use a moisturizer after the pack.
  • Preservatives are added.

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16 thoughts on “Khadi Herbal Face Pack Powder with Haldi Chandan Review

    1. Vini……it does not do much brightening, but since its a clay pack, its sucks up the extra oil and leaves face fresh, so might call that brightening. For clearing up blemishes, it would have to be used daily, but then again, it would suck up all oil because of the clay and leave skin extremely dry.

  1. Has khadi changed their packing??I find the plastic thing nice..but its not in teh facepacks I brought almost 7-8 months back.I personnaly like their rose and orange one.Its not at all drying but I guess moisturizer is needed after every Khadi pack.

  2. wow nice review jomol…. did you order this online or get it from somewhere in hyd?? am from hyd but dont know whr these products are available…

  3. aww.. i hope everything is fine now jomol.. 🙁 take care my friends..
    again one masterpiece from u jomol.. hw u manage to find such promising and effective pdts all the time jomol.. 🙂 i never came across such promising goodies.. 🙁 i hope its available online!!

      1. aww.. is dat so.. chalo am ready to exchange ur all face masks with my pop ; plaster of paris know (my hubby says pop to all cosmetics lol.. :P)

  4. Jomol Jomol Jomol.. Please tell me the address of Khadi store in Hyderabad..

    Again a good review..

    Does it live upto it’s claims of clearing blemishes??

    1. Kanthi… can order it online, it would quickly reach you. It does not clear up blemishes. You would have to use this face pack may be daily to do that, which would dry out your skin horribly because of the clay in it, so don;’t use it as a blemish clearing face pack 🙂

  5. Hi Jomol i wld love to try this product i do have oily skin so how often would u suggest i use this pack? Nice review too Jomol

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