Khadi Herbal Foot Scrub With Neem and Turmeric Review

Khadi Herbal Foot Scrub With Neem and Turmeric

Hello lovelies, I’m reviewing another awesome product from khadi store- Khadi herbal foot scrub with neem and turmeric. I brought it a month ago from the khadi ashram in cp New Delhi. I love shopping at this place.
khadi herbal foot scrub neem turmeric
75gms for 65 rs.

What it does:
Helps to remove dead skin cells which block the pores. Makes skin smooth and soft.
khadi herbal foot scrub description

product look
Apply for 10-20 minutes. Scrub off.
Contains: fullers earth, turmeric, neem, honey, walnut grains, and cream base.

My take: awesome!
I love it. The granules are just right. Not too harsh and not too soft for scrubbing your feet. Rarely do you find a nice way to scrub your feet as we tend to use the same body or face scrub for feet. Only few brands make the special foot scrub. This is real good. The smell is very khadi. Very jadi buti. Quantity good and the cutest steel tins this comes in.
When I first opened it I just kept smelling. The scrub is thick. The consistency is so thick that you have to rub it and use a little water for it to spread on your feet. Dries well in about 20 minutes.

Pros of Khadi Herbal Foot Scrub Neem and Turmeric

• Removes dead skin well. Feet are softer
• It is cheap
• Value for money
• Easily available
• Very good fragrance.
• Cutest tin to place on your washroom shelf.
• Granules are not too harsh
• Removes tan if used regularly.
• Leaves feet very clean and doesn’t over do. No harsh scrubbing action.
• Herbal ingredients.
• Texture of the scrub.

Cons of Khadi Herbal Foot Scrub Neem and Turmeric

The only con I can think of this good product is maybe the availability.

Imbb rating of 4.5 on 5 . I love it. Will buy again.

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49 thoughts on “Khadi Herbal Foot Scrub With Neem and Turmeric Review

  1. Hi….This is Archana. I am a regular visitor to this blog and reviews in this blog has helped me a lot in buying products.

    Would like to try this foot scrub reviewed here after my oriflame foot scrub gets over.

    Thanks ladies for the awesome reviews so far.

    1. Hey,

      I guess Dorabjiees have Khadi products… :yahoo: Once have seen Khadi there.. not sure abt this though…
      Good review Fly Girl….. Will chek this for sure

      Thanks :inlove:

  2. Nice review Raunak…..I like foot scrubs….quickest way to get pedicure effect. Me got no time for pedicures :smug:
    I like VLCC kit ka scrub….and abhi using Oriflame ka footscrub which is also nice. Never used this one. But ur ratings are making me try this next time :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  3. hey FG this sounds nice! I for sure want to try it out but the availability is a question.. I saw KHADI shampoos in 9to9 dollar store in DB Mall… Does anyone know where are its complete products stocked in Bhopal.

  4. Iloove khadi products..Esp their soaps. 😀 This one goes onto my wishlist now as I’ve been searching for a good foot scrub. :jalwa:
    And the dibbis are choo chweeet! :love:

  5. i use oriflame foot scrub which is infact good ..but this is all naturale and soo much cheap…will definetly buy this one my scrub gets over

    nice review!

  6. It looks and sounds really good for scrubbing the feet with, Fly Girl. 🙂 By the way, (can’t recall if I asked you this already ?:) ), did you Filipino friends fly to the Philippines already?

    1. ida yes he is flight training there for a while.he flies in manila itself and ive been bugging him to get me sumthng when he returns next rather email you and talk there.please tell me your email id 😉 😉 😉 😉

  7. This sounds amazing sister is going to delhi for a few days ,hopefully I will patao her to get me some stuff from Khadi 😀
    You tell me the exact address of Khadi laters :teeth :teeth :teeth

    1. ritika my dear there is a huge huge store in cp on your way to janpath.i had even got 2 face packs vaha se.will review that soon.dont miss soaps,rose water,foot scrub,fabric and few scented stuff vaha se… :teddy:

  8. this looks so good.. i ihavent used a special footscrub till now.. i m so tempted to try thhis out…i will surely patao my hubby to go to CP… :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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