Khadi Herbal Henna and Tulsi Hair Conditioning Shampoo

Khadi Herbal Henna and Tulsi Hair Conditioning Shampoo

Heya, girls! I purchased this khadi shampoo along with the rose and papaya face scrub and trifala shampoo, both of which are from the same brand. I happen to have a short to medium, fine, dry and frizzy hair, so this conditioning shampoo seemed like a good promise.


Claim: Suitable for dry hair. Activates hair roots and hair growth, deep cleanses the follicles, provides moisture and nourishment to the hair shafts, thus improving appearance of hair, leaving it soft, shiny and lustrous.

Main ingredients: Henna and Tulsi.

My experience with Khadi Herbal Henna and Tulsi Hair Conditioning Shampoo

I tried on this shampoo in two ways; 1. Normal to soiled hair; 2. Oiled hair. This is what I found out:


Normal to soiled hair:

The first time I tried on this shampoo, I applied the amount I have on my palm as you can see in the picture. That much lathered only a part of my hair, so I took some more and applied to my hair and again felt the requirement of some more. So after three tries and about an entire palm full of the liquid (I summed it up), I finally could lather my hair with some amount of foam. I don’t mind a little foam as too much foam means your shampoo has excessive detergent in it. I washed my hair and put on a conditioner and then finally let it dry normally.

On drying, my hair was pretty lustrous like they have mentioned in the claim, shiny and soft too. My hair also felt as clean as clean goes. Also, the frizz seemed to have just disappeared! God knows how many products I have tried on to get rid of this frizz in my hair! All kinds of argan oil product with no result and finally, finally this herbal henna and tulsi shampoo from khadi does it! Yes!!!

Oiled hair:

Well, from my past experience in shampooing my normal hair with this shampoo, I took a ton of this shampoo on my palm and applied it on my hair. I realized I needed two tons of this shampoo then, maybe three:-p next I followed my daily hair regime.


On trying to dry my hair I could not help, but wonder why my hair was taking so long to dry up. I finally realized that my hair had not been shampooed right and that a major portion of my hair was still oiled. So I took three tons of the product the next day again and performed the ritual. Again, quite some part of my hair was left oily. Thus, it took me four days, twelve washes and almost half the bottle of the shampoo to get rid of the oil I had put on my hair! Uuufff! I think I lost a couple of kgs trying to get the oil off my hair:-p the final result was the same as I have mentioned before, only this is a longer route to it. Also, the amount of hair that falls on washing oiled hair seemed to reduce for me. In general, the hair fall seemed to be balanced out by the trifala hair oil by the same.

The packaging is very simple, the standard khadi packaging. The liquid is as thick as jelly and reminds me of orange jellies, yumm:-p the smell is not very inviting or upsetting. It is about mid-way through.


Pros of Khadi Herbal Henna and Tulsi Hair Conditioning Shampoo

1. It provides for its claim.
2. It reduces frizz.
3. It reduces hair fall while washing off oiled hair.

Cons of Khadi Herbal Henna and Tulsi Hair Conditioning Shampoo

1. The amount you need to wash your hair is heavy, both for normal and soiled and oiled hair.
2. The above con reduces longevity of the volume of shampoo.
3. The smell is okay-ish.

IMBB Rating:


Will I purchase Khadi Herbal Henna and Tulsi Hair Conditioning Shampoo again?

I am confused. It does manage my frizz, but you need sooo much of this shampoo each time you use it.

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4 thoughts on “Khadi Herbal Henna and Tulsi Hair Conditioning Shampoo

  1. O god how many Khadi products u hav bought in a go?? *hihi* this seems like a nice mild shampoo…i guess if the smell wud hav been gud u wud hav given it higher rating..i too like my shampoos to have a nice smell..even if they r ok type and not too good..will skip this *nababana* nice review 🙂

  2. I also got sooo many khadi products together and now have stopped getting them coz they look pretty average *headbang* *headbang* glad this worked for you… *hifive* *hifive*

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