Khadi Herbal Massage Oil Jasmine & Mogra Review

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I’ve been busy with college fest that are keeping me from writing more often on IMBB, even though I never fail to peek once a day at least from my phone 😀 . Today’s review is from Khadi, which has been working excellently for me. Let us see if this joined the league or not. 😀

Khadi Herbal massage oil Jasmine Mogra


280 INR for 210ml (I got it for 150!)

Benefits, Directions and Key Ingredients:

Khadi Herbal massage oil Jasmine Mogra

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My Take on Khadi Herbal Massage Oil Jasmine & Mogra:

I thought Khadi had revamped the packaging of the whole lot, but I don’t see any new packaging in the stores in my city, which is a turn off. It is evident that the product comes in a typical transparent ‘Khadi’ bottle with a black flip cap. The packaging is sturdy enough.

Khadi Herbal massage oil Jasmine Mogra

The name of the oil says Jasmine & Mogra, but I think both mean the same!? The texture of the oil is neither too thick nor thin, but just fine to get easily absorbed into skin. It does not feel greasy when applied in a proper controlled amount, but may feel sticky if slathered too much. The oil is transparent with no color.

The oil is very moisturizing, my skin feels extremely soft and nourished when used post bath. Even though winters are long gone my skin feels extremely dry and itchy and this was the reason I went ahead and bought this. It also works the same way when used pre bath and leaves skin moisturized.

Khadi Herbal massage oil Jasmine Mogra

A big turn off about this oil is its fragrance. I HATE Jasmine flowers, which are extensively used for worshipping deities and adorned by ladies mostly in South India. I just cannot stand the fragrance, I went ahead and got this one assuming ‘it wouldn’t smell that way, would it!?’ But, to my horror and disappointment it smells like a thousand ton of Jasmine flowers are concentrated inside this bottle! Usually most products do not deliver what they claim; at least that’s what I’ve experienced most times. This one does deliver everything! 😀 I would have tolerated if the fragrance was mild, but this one pokes my nose giving me a splitting headache. This would be a favorite for Mogra lovers though! 😀

Khadi Herbal massage oil Jasmine Mogra

Pros of Khadi Herbal Massage Oil Jasmine & Mogra:

  • Typical Khadi packaging.
  • Texture of the oil feels just right.
  • Formulated without SLS and Parabens, like it says.
  • Nourishes the skin.
  • Does not feel greasy when right amount is applied.
  • Gets absorbed easily.
  • Made my skin soft with regular use.
  • Has a good array of oils that work wonders for skin.

Cons of Khadi Herbal Massage Oil Jasmine & Mogra:

  • Bored of the same packaging.
  • Cannot stand the fragrance!! Too strong.
  • It did not work as anti-depressant for me, gave me a headache instead!

IMBB Rating:

3.5/5 (minus points for the strong fragrance)

Would I recommend/repurchase Khadi Herbal Massage Oil Jasmine & Mogra?

This bottle will last me like forever, since I use very small portions of it. I cannot stand the smell, even though it is an excellent oil! Jasmine lovers can surely get this, and those with sensitive noses can blindly skip this.

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