Khadi Jasmine Green Tea Foot Crack Cream Review

Khadi Jasmine Green Tea Foot Crack Cream

Handmade Cream, Removes Roughness and Dryness of Feet, Restores Moisture, Relieves Aching

I bought some essentials from Khadi online and I must say I do manage to finish these essential stuff from them.Anyway, this one is a foot cream with a strong jasmine fragrance, and I know a lot of jasmine lovers so well, it is a moisturizing foot cream with some oil base to it, it does not do wonders for the cracked heels but yes you can count on it to be used as a night time ritual.I could not find much of green tea element in it. 😛

I like how affordable Khadi products are and they have a useful tub form, you tend to use them well and I like how I am able to finish it off too. Many products may look and feel the same but have a nice fragrance to them.

This cream is light but has an oil base to it, the cream has medium to thick texture and it has a jasmine fragrance which is easily discernible. I personally do not like jasmine fragrances but sometimes I find it stress relieving and also it might freshen up feet with the fragrance.

The texture is such that the feet feel covered in a light layer of oil and it still does not feel to greasy. Some oily film is left on the palms too. I find this is a nice texture to soften feet skin, I do have some cracks but it did not work on them unless I use a scrubber and have a pedicure but otherwise it lightly moisturizes feet and you can cover with socks overnight too.

This is more of a nice maintenance foot cream rather than a curing cream, try if you like jasmine.

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