Khadi Lavender Neroli Bath Aroma Therapy Oil Review

Khadi Lavender Neroli Bath Aroma Therapy Oil

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I am so glad that the weather has become so relaxing these days. Finally the monsoon has arrived and it feels too good to have hot coffee and maggie and take long relaxing baths. And for that purpose I got this aroma therapy oil from khadi which claimed to have lavender and neroli. I have used several aroma therapy products from BBW and they were amazing, but sadly I don’t have an access to the brand. But I came across the same range of this brand so thought of giving it a try.

Price: Rs 240 for 210 ml

Khadi Lavender Neroli Bath Aroma Therapy Oil

Product description by Khadi: The pleasant fragrance of lavender essential oil has a balancing, soothing and relaxing effect. In aromatherapy, it is used to sooth, fortify the skin and calm tension. Neroli oil is a natural mood enhancer . The combination of these oils detoxifies and rejuvenates the skin leaving it soft and moisturised.

My experience with Khadi Lavender Neroli Bath Aroma Therapy Oil:

I have never really used any bath oils till date so would say that this is my first one. This bath oil comes in that trademark khadi bottle with a flip open cap which gives the right amount of oil. As it is a transparent plastic bottle, we can see the amount of product used up. The oil comes in aqua blue colour which actually freshens up the mood. The consistency is like an actual oil and nearly 3-4 drops are required for a bucket bath and 7-8 drops for a bath-tub. The layer floats on top of the water hence it has to be mixed properly with the hands. When you take bath, you will get an oily feeling because this is not a bath salt that will blend perfectly with water. The fragrance is very calming and rejuvenating. It smells like fresh flowers used in temples. It claims to have lavender with neroli fragrance. Neroli oil is obtained from bitter orange.

Khadi Lavender Neroli Bath Aroma TherapyOil

This fragrance is great and relaxing when taking a bath. But this is a smell that not everyone will like and may be over-powering to some. The major con is that the smell is very strong and will linger in your bathroom for 3-4 days. And that is the reason my brother gets irritated a lot and shouts at me that what the heck I have sprayed in the bathroom. It totally calms down the stressed muscles and relieves pain from the body to a good extent. The oil keeps the skin moisturized so I do not need any lotion. But people with dry skin will need a lotion because the moisturizing power is pretty okay. I think this is a nice and decent bath oil to be used but yes a little irritating. I think khadi should really go ahead and add some new and lovely fragranced oils.

Khadi Lavender Neroli Bath AromaTherapy Oil

Pros of Khadi Lavender Neroli Bath Aroma Therapy Oil:

-Convenient packaging with a transparent bottle to see the amount of product used
-Available everywhere at a reasonable price
-A little amount is needed to mix with water
-The fragrance is a calming, relaxing and rejuvenating one
-It relieves body pain and stress and actually puts me to sleep
-No mineral oil and paraben free
-Keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized after taking bath

Khadi Lavender Neroli BathAroma Therapy Oil

Cons of Khadi Lavender Neroli Bath Aroma Therapy Oil:

-The fragrance is pretty choosy and not everyone will like it
-The strong scent lingers in my bathroom for 3-4 days
-You get an oily feeling while taking bath

Will I repurchase/recommend Khadi Lavender Neroli Bath Aroma Therapy Oil?

Yes I do recommend this one if you like using essential oils while taking bath. Do sniff this one before getting it. I would like to try out the other brands instead.

Rating: 3/5

Conclusion: A good decent product to be used to soothe your senses and your stressed out body. But the fragrance could have been better than this strong one.

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