Khadi Lavender Oil Review

Khadi Lavender Oil

By Bhawana B.

Hi everyone,
This is my first review on IMBB and I am so glad to be finally writing here. Today I would be reviewing Lavender Essential Oil from Khadi. Lavender Oil has many health benefits and is also great for our skin and hair. Let’s go through my experience with this oil.

Product claims:

There is a long description of its benefits on the pack which includes calming effects, antiseptic properties, asthma and migraine, female health (not sure what this means!) and healing effects on skin.



Rs.280 for 15 ml

Shell life:

24 months


Only key ingredient is mentioned i.e. Lavender Essential Oil

My experiences with Khadi Lavender Oil:

While searching for some DIY recipes, I got to know about Pinterest. It has got loads of pins about homemade scrubs, lotions etc. In almost all the recipes, I noticed the common use of essential oil (EO). That’s when I decided to try one myself. With the help of a lot of google search and shortlisting benefits of the many EO’s available, I singled out on this particular lavender EO from Khadi. It comes in a small bottle with white cap. It has nozzles of two sizes, however you cannot use just one of the nozzles at a time.


First thing to notice about it is the smell, it is heavenly. But if you sniff it for a long time, it might give you a headache for a while. The smell is great but is really, really strong! Also, it should always be diluted with some base oil without which it will cause burning sensation on skin. I have used this EO in various ways.

What worked for me:

1. With Sugar Body Scrub:I added few drops of it to my homemade coconut oil-sugar scrubwhich worked great for me. The smell relaxes the mind and the oil gives a soothing effect.
2. With hair oil: Sometimes, I add 2-3 drops of it in the warm coconut oil and massage my scalp. This helps with my oily scalp and gives a good night’s sleep. The head feels so light and relieved.

What did not work for me:
3. With face moisturiser: I had read about its moisturising and acne-control properties. To try this, I added few drops of it to my moisturiser but it started to give me a burning sensation. At first, I thought that I have added too much of the oil, so I tried mixing regular lotion to dilute it. But it still did not work on me and I had to throw away the bottle with where I had added this oil. Luckily, not much was left.

In conclusion, it was an average product for me. I wish it worked for my face. No other product has failed this terribly for my face. But then, I have not tried any other EO as well.

Pros of Khadi Lavender Oil:

1. Smells heavenly.
2. Price is justified given its quality.
3. Has worked for my scalp and body.
4. Helps in sleeping well.

Cons of Khadi Lavender Oil:

1. Should never be applied directly on skin.
2. Did not work on my face.
3. Not a travel-friendly pack.

IMBB Rating:


Will I repurchase Khadi Lavender Oil?

Actually, no. This single pack will last for a long time. I would like to try other essential oils after this.

Do I recommend Khadi Lavender Oil?

If you want to buy a lavender essential that should work on your face, this is not for you. Rest can give it a try.

Happy IMBBing!

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4 thoughts on “Khadi Lavender Oil Review

  1. never use the concentrated lavender oil directly on skin,,,it’ll just burn like anything. Always make it dilute by mixing with water (use like rosw water) or some other oil.

  2. i am using olive oil + lavender oil as my night cream from sometime . yes it burns for a minute but then result is just so tempting. i never had this beautiful skin

  3. I have been using kama ayurveda lavender oil, I get awesome sleep, my menstrual cramps are under control, works for headache and muscle ache. It will take time to see changes in hair fall

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