Khadi Lemon Hand & Foot Cream-Review

Khadi Lemon Hand & Foot Cream-Review

I am in Pune visiting my parents for a while, and suddenly realized that there is something called dry skin! Being in Chennai never makes you feel dry-skinned and you dont really want to lather on stuff on your hands or body. But being the gentle winter that here is, I felt the need for a hand and foot cream but wanted something that would last me only while I am here, hence I picked up this tub thinking I would finish it off before I leave for Chennai in a couple of days.


Rs.110 / 50 grams

Khadi lemon hand foot cream

I am a body lotion/cream enthusiast as much as I a for any other skin care product. I do wish for dry skin sometimes so I could slather on some nourishment and try out so many body products, but when the weather you are in does not allow that, the last thing you want is a heavy hand cream resulting in sweaty hands. So this cream in the dry pune weather is just fine, just there greasy and you need just a touch of this cream twice a day to bid dry hands and feet goodbye!

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I like the simple tub packaging and how it comes sealed. The cream is thick but not the oily types but still the grease factor is right there. I like how luscious it looks and a little yellow tinted keeping in tune with the lemon factor.

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The cream is thick and you need just a little for your hands and may be twice a day is all you need, for the feet you might need a little more. But overall I like the texture and how it apt for dry mild winters for normal to little dry skin. It works well for elbows as well.

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Now coming to the fragrance, this was a little bit disappointing,the lemony fragrance is on the fence and it is more like a minty/zandu balm like feel to it, I wish it was either neutral or lemony but it is niether,I can see a lot of people disliking the fragrance which is fresh no doubt but just not lemony enough 🙁

Khadi lemon hand & foot cream

Overall, I am happy with how this affordable cream fares very well as a non-greasy hand and foot cream and softens skin for normal to a bit dry skin type in mild winters. I wish the fragrance was better and the labels and the font on them were better as well.Is that too much to ask for?

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Last word:

A very affordable, nice and rich cream with the right grease factor to it, you need a little quantity for normal to a little dry skin in dry mild winters an you are sorted. I do wish they would work on the “lemon” fragrance. I think sweaty hands and feet in humid climate are better off without this. I cannot comment on how it would work on very dry cracked heels/ rough hands. Otherwise do give it a try! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Khadi Lemon Hand & Foot Cream-Review

  1. zandu balm… 😛 i like the clean non fussy packaging. neha trust me, you dont want to have dry skin. super high maintenance esp in winters. grrrr…

  2. my aroma magic cold cream just finished today.. m gettin this next.. thanks for the review neha di 🙂 come to punjab in months of January n December and you l get tired n frustrated of dryness 😛 the most important thing i put in my bag before leaving for duty is a lip balm n hands cream.. lol

  3. I like the packaging. The product sounds nice too.
    Have you tried the fabindia lemon hand cream? Give that one a shot too.. its very nice

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