Khadi Lemon Pedi Scrub Review

Khadi Lemon Pedi Scrub

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I had an extremely busy week so could not come on IMBB… Any ways who all are Sachin fans here? These days facebook is flooded with Sachin’s status… I really liked the speech he gave on the last day. I am going to miss him in all the matches.
My today’s review is for Khadi Lemon Pedi Scrub. We mostly pay attention to our face but ignore our feet. This is my first foot scrub- actually this is not a foot scrub. It says you can use it for manicure too. But I used it for feet only. Normally I used to call my mobile beauty parlour at home. But then I thought let me try this scrub.

Khadi Lemon Pedi Scrub


INR 105 for 50 gm (40gm plus 10gm free)

Shelf Life

2 years

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Khadi Lemon Pedi Scrub3

Product description

Special developed Pedi scrub which helps to cleans the dead skin cell of the feet and hand. It removes dead cells form epidermal layers from the skin. It is ideal for preparation for manicure and pedicure.

Direction to use:

Rub the scrub gently on feet and hand for few min, clean with dry cotton.


Each kilograms contains- Citraus reticulate blanco 20gms, aloevera tourn 2 ml, sodil biboras 6gms, juglans regia 15gms, base 10gms preservative 3gms, citrus limon 2gms, purified water q.s.

Khadi Lemon Pedi Scrub
My experience with Khadi Lemon Pedi Scrub:

The scrub comes in a transparent plastic jar with black lid. The scrub is red in colour and the granules are black. I like red colour a lot and  I had actually purchased it because it is red in colour 😛 Also it comes with a silver seal which you have to remove in order to use the product. The packaging is excellent and the aluminium seal prevent the scrub from gathering in lid. But once opened you need to keep it carefully. The scrub smells amazing. It has a very floral smell and I am just loving it. As soon as I had opened the jar, I felt refreshed because of its smell. Before using it, I had dipped my feet in warm water for around 5 minutes and afterwards I used the scrub. Scrubbing granules are excellent. They are harsh enough to remove dead skin. I was able to see the visible difference in one use only. My feet looked fair and so fresh. Also it is a gel kind of scrub so I liked it more as I do not like cream scrubs. So overall I just loved it.
Khadi Lemon Pedi Scrub1

Positives of Khadi Lemon Pedi Scrub:

• Floral smell
• Harsh granules which removes dead skin very well
• The colour- I just loved the red colour of the gel
• Affordable
• Available easily

Negatives of Khadi Lemon Pedi Scrub:

• Actually there is no con for the product but yeah I wish they had given the packaging in tube form so that it was easier to use.

Will I repurchase and recommend Khadi Lemon Pedi Scrub?

Yes, I am surely going to repurchase it and also going to gift it to my mom. I would surely advise all to use it once. You will not regret using it.

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    1. Yeah it really looks yummy and smells good too 😛
      Yeah Mom never takes care of herself. we daughters have to tell them always 🙂

  1. this sounds like such a must have especially for winters. i am so getting this one. thank you for the lovely review *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  2. its luks soo tempting 😛 😛 i would definitely buy this for my mum *shy* *jogging*
    *thankyou* for reviewing this *puchhi* *puchhi* *happydance* *happydance*

  3. i had just finished mine…was actually going to refer to IMBB for recommendations and here is the post….will get this one.. *thankyou* Anchal..

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