Khadi Orange and Lemongrass Herbal Bath Salt Review

Hi girls,

This navratra, my feet are already feeling rough and sore due to the garba practice, where I live. After a tiring workout or garba session, I love to soak my feet in some salt water. Sea salt or this herbal bath salt is a perfect blend for me. I love how this feels so refreshing smelling and it is a good at home spa session.

Khadi Orange and Lemongrass Herbal Bath Salt Review

300 INR for 200 gm.
Product Description:
A natural humectants, it revives wrinkled skin. orange and lemongrass are calming, antidepressant, antigenic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and fungicidal. Its smell promotes happiness, cinnamon oil has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti parasitic properties. Cinnamon detoxifies.

My Experience with Khadi Orange and Lemongrass Herbal Bath Salt:

The claims are tall but it is surely refreshing, which is why I chose orange and lemongrass. It melts in the water in a while and the water looks slightly muddy. It feels soothing for my feet when compared to soaking my skin and feet in normal hot water bath or foot bath.

Khadi Orange and Lemongrass Herbal Bath Salt ingredients

The tub of salt is a basic plastic and I can easily store it in the bathroom as well. I think it is quite big for travel purposes. The salt looks a little coarse and if I am feeling too enthusiastic, I scrub my feet with this salt as well or I make my own blends with this scrub. I would recommend scrubbing only the feet with this one. I would definitely say this soothes my rough feet with this and a little bit of scrubbing with a foot file.

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Khadi Orange and Lemongrass Herbal Bath Salt label

It has avoided my feet from getting any corns with garba practice. So yes, to some extent, the claims are true. The aroma is an add on 🙂 Overall, this is a good salt to own and to keep in your bathroom.

Pros of Khadi Orange and Lemongrass Herbal Bath Salt:

  • Affordable.
  • Good and big jar for the price.
  • Natural goodness.
  • Fresh scent.
  • Dissolves in your bath or foot soak easily.
  • Soothes skin.
  • In my case, it has avoided any corn formation.

Cons of Khadi Orange and Lemongrass Herbal Bath Salt:

  • Not that easily available.
  • Liking the scent is subjective.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Khadi Orange and Lemongrass Herbal Bath Salt?
Yes, in this scent, and many more, I will get them definitely. I will try some more bath salts when this one finishes.
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