Khadi Organic Reetha Powder Review

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I have straight and long but thin hair. Sometimes, our hair needs to be pampered on a regular basis. I recently bought three Khadi organic powders for my hair care regimen. Today, I would like to share a review on Khadi Organic Reetha Powder. It reminds me of my childhood, when my mother used to make pure reetha shampoo for me. I used to cry a lot during those days. Then, I always liked good, colorful packaging with a floral smelling shampoo. But now, I am back to the old traditional, Indian shampoo system.

Khadi Organic Reetha Powder

Products Details:
Reetha is extremely beneficial for hair. It is a mild cleanser, which removes oil and grime from scalp and hair without destroying it’s natural pH value.

How To Use?
Khadi Organic Reetha Powder 2

INR 190/- for 150gm

Sapindus Mukurossi (Organic Reetha Powder)

Khadi Organic Reetha Powder 3

My Experience with Khadi Organic Reetha Powder:

I always prefer organic products. Chemical shampoo makes our hair rough some times. Hence,  I like to skip chemical shampoo on holidays and love to make my own hair shampoo with Khadi Organic Reetha Powder. This one is quite affordable with a good quantity.

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Khadi Organic Reetha Powder comes in a stainless steel tin. I feel the cap is little loose than the Amla powder’s cap. The tin is strong and heavy in weight. It is not travel friendly due to the cap. Though, I do not think that one would need to carry this anywhere. Inside the can, there are all the details and direction of use on a paper sheet. The actual product is packed in a plastic packet. I like to use the products from the plastic packet. It is more safe and easy. Overall, the packaging is totally hygienic. This steel tin may be used for storing products, after finishing the product.

Khadi Organic Reetha Powder 5

Khadi Organic Reetha Powder smells like original reetha. There is not any artificial smell. After applying, you get the smell for few minutes. The smell changes a bit on boiling. You can feel the organic touch everywhere. It is light brown in color. I do not think any additional color is added to it.

The powder comes in a fine smooth texture. It can totally dissolve in warm water. I like to boil the powder with some warm water and make a thick paste. Also, I have tried a mixture of reetha and shikakai powder with warm water. After making the mixture, I apply it on my wet hair and scalp. I keep it for 5 minutes and then massage to create lather. Once there is enough lather, I wash it with plain water. You need to clean properly from the roots of your hair. Leave your hair to dry naturally.

Khadi Organic Reetha Powder 6

This reetha shampoo works great for hair. Due to boiling it in water, reetha turns into a good shampoo. After applying the mixture, take some time to massage properly so that it lathers well. It can not make lather like a regular shampoo. Obviously, this is a natural shampoo so it lathers decently.

I notice a shine and it works great for cleaning hair. I love the way how it works. It does not make my hair rough or frizzy. It can not make hair super soft but adds decent softness and shine. It suits my oily hair. It does not add any volume to my hair, still does not make it look limp either. It gives a good conditioning to the hair. I never felt any hair fall issue with this reetha powder. It does control my hair fall. It never irritated my scalp or does not dry out the scalp. Overall, effect can be noticed after a certain time period. Again, it is a natural product so can not bring magical changes. It takes time with regular usage. On regular usages, I have noticed less hair fall.

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Sometimes, it feels little dry, when I use any dryer or heat styling tools. It actually can not make my hair super soft. It also cannot clean all my hair oil properly. I like to apply oil in my hair overnight. So in the morning, on using this mixture as a shampoo, it does not clean all the oil from my hair. Also, after drying, my hair still looks a bit oily and limp. Hence, this works better without oiling hair.

Overall, it is a very useful powder for all. It can also be used as a hair pack with amla and shikakai powder. Definitely, this was a good try for me. I feel that our hair needs these three ingredients on a weekly basis. I have thin hair. So, I always need a hair pack or a shampoo that can control my hair fall. This can decently control my hair fall. It is good as a hair food.

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Pros of Khadi Organic Reetha Powder:

  • Affordable according to it’s quantity.
  • Nice tin can.
  • Easily dissolves with warm water and also mixes with boiling water.
  • Lather decently.
  • Cleans my hair properly.
  • Does not make hair limp.
  • Makes hair decently soft.
  • Does not dry out my scalp.
  • Control my hair fall nicely.
  • Adds a nice shine for few hours.
  • Works good as a natural shampoo.

Cons of Khadi Organic Reetha Powder:

  • Cap is little loose, so can not be carried around.
  • Takes time to lather well.
  • Can not make hair super soft & silky like a regular shampoo.
  • Does not add any volume to the hair.
  • Can not remove oil from oiled hair.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Khadi Organic Reetha Powder?
I will recommend it to all those, who loves to try natural shampoo. It can be used as a hair pack too.

Would I Repurchase Khadi Organic Reetha Powder?
Yes, yes. I love this powder. I can not use this on a daily basis. Still, I try to use this once a week. It really controls my hair fall with regular usage. So, I will buy it again.

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  1. I always wanted to try natural shampoos but didn’t have the patience to make them at home. I will get this one and will use it. I am sure reetha is pretty great for hair. My mom always insists on using amla, reetha etc for better hair.

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