Khadi Rose and Aloe Vera Herbal Facial Massage Gel Review

Khadi Rose and Aloe Vera Herbal Facial Massage Gel

Hello sweeties,

How are you guys doing? I hope everyone is in the pink of health. I recently bought a lot of products from Khadi, so my review for today is going to be a product from this brand. I have heard a lot about this brand that the products are really natural and herbal so thought of trying it. I was really bored of my aloe vera gel because although it is really good for the skin it does not have a happening smell and when I spotted this one I was convinced to pick this up as it was a blend of rose and aloe vera and you all might know the benefits of these two. So let’s see how this gel worked.


Price: Rs 150 for 100 grams

About the product: Refreshing and relaxing with rose extracts and blended aloe gels which can carry 32 times water and release water whenever skin needs. Pure aloe vera based gels gently exfoliate skinand with amazing healing properties. Aloe vera is an antiseptic, highly lubricant and will penetrate deep into the skin. Aloe has more than 20 minerals and almost all the vitamins. This will suit almost every skin type.

Directions to use: Apply in a circular motion on the face and neck. Wipe off with a moist cotton pad. Rinse with water and pat dry.

How Khadi Rose and Aloe Vera Herbal Facial Massage Gel worked for me?

I had heard a lot about Khadi products and after reading so many reviews on this brand I was convinced to try a few of them. I bought two gels from Khadi one is this one and the other one being the neem one which is already been reviewed here. The gel comes in a plastic tub and you can easily see through the tub to make out how much product is left. The cap is black in colour which is a turn and open one. The tub is quite big and heavy so it is not possible to carry everywhere.

The consistency of the gel is like our aloe vera gels that we get in the tubs. The smell is really got but it is a bit strong for some sensitive noses. It smells exactly like fresh gulkand and you can relate the smell to the freshly crushed rose petals. No smell of aloe vera as the rose takes up the entire smell. When you smell it from the tub the fragrance is very strong but when you actually take a small amount to be massaged on your skin then the smell becomes a little mild. It is reddish maroon in colour but becomes almost transparent on the face. I massaged the gel for like 5 minutes and it got all absorbed nicely in the skin. I kept it for 5 minutes and washed off the face with cold water and I could immediately see a glow on my face and it looked so refreshed. The glow is almost temporary but the skin felt really good and soft. With continuous use you will notice a natural glow and will last on your skin.


The other way I used this chilled it in the refrigerator and used it while doing facial at home and took a little amount to massage the face with ice and oh my god, the feeling I got was something extra-ordinary. Rose smell with chilled ice so can imagine the feeling. It felt really very refreshing and the effects were very good. But the only negative thing was that it stinged a little bit in my eyes while massaging, so keep in mind not to get it close to the eye area. Overall it is a great massage gel.

Pros of Khadi Rose and Aloe Vera Herbal Facial Massage Gel

-Easily available in stores and online as well
-Good quantity given which will last long
-A blend of two natural ingredients which are very good for the skin
-Suitable for all the skin types
-Gives an instant glow and also a natural glow after continuous use
-Skin feels soft and supple
-Did not dry the skin
-Can also be left overnight without washing it off


Cons of Khadi Rose and Aloe Vera Herbal Facial Massage Gel

-The smell will be a bit overpowering for some

Will I repurchase/recommend it?

Yes I will buy it again because I really liked the way my skin felt and it can also be used alone or while doing facials at home. Mixed with ice it gave a very amazing feeling. I will tell you guys to try it if you are looking out for a nice affordable gel or are bored with aloe vera gel like me.

Rating: 4.5/5

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29 thoughts on “Khadi Rose and Aloe Vera Herbal Facial Massage Gel Review

  1. yes really bored with plain aloe gel *headbang* *headbang* this seems refreshing will try this *hifive* *hifive*

    1. Hahahahahaha same pinch Pinky *hifive* *hifive* *hihi* it is tiring after sometime to use the plain one… *pan* its very good… do give this a try for sure *happydance*

    1. Yes totally Jomol di *powder* the colour is very happening and catchy enough to make us use it everyday lol *hihi* it works good too *hifive* *hifive*

  2. sounds tooo good saloni…the colour looks same as my roset toner,its fab too..would love to try this *happy dance*

    1. Wow Soundarya you have the toner as well *happydance* use it together i think it will give more better effects *happydance* *happydance* *happy dance*

  3. Wow this seems good… I like the idea of Rose and aloevera. But if the smell is over powering then I must avoid. I shall check it out!
    How u been Saloni? *hifive*

    1. Vidhi when you smell the entire tub na at that time the smell will be really strong *haan ji* *haan ji* *pan* but after you take a small amount to work on your face it will have a mild rosy smell and that’s good *happydance* *happydance*
      I am good… college started ..travelling in trains with all that rush along with rains… *cry* a big mess…. you know na lol *hifive* *hihi* Hows you???
      Enjoyed at Delhi??

      1. Ohhhh ya I used to hate that *pan*
        I’m still in Delhi will be back Tomo.
        Yes it was amazing here! I’m so sad that it’s over *cry*

        1. Ohhhhh… *clap* glad you enjoyed the course there *hifive* i also wanted to come but mom wouldn’t send me there *cry* *cry* but I am enjoying here on IMBB as well *powder* have a safe journey *puchhi*

    1. Soo sorry Nisita *cry* i will do it soon… you know my cupboard is in a big mess *hihi* *hihi* so i will not find half of the things only… but planning to clean it … will do it soon *hifive* *hifive*

  4. wow saloni i am tempted to try it *drool* *drool* and me too bored of aloevera gel and its pathetic smell.. this seems a fab combination na… btw whr are khadi stores stores in mumbai cos i always ordered khadi online

    1. Definitely try it Neha *happydance* you will be glad you left the boring one and started using this one… *happydance* and the best part is that it has aloe vera too *hifive* *hifive* I don’t think so khadi has a store here.. and if there i still haven’t explored it *jogging* even i bought it online only *happydance* but i saw some products in a shop but they had only a few ones not variety *nababana*

    1. Lol yeah Ritika… *happydance* looking at the gel only i was imagining the effects lol *happydance* *pompom* *hihi* but it works great too *woot*

  5. Saloni I used it today only…and I liked it. The smell is quite strong na…but it vanishes in some time. I hope it shows better results with time. *hifive* *duh*

    1. Wow you used it *drool* yes it will paka show you the difference soon after using it everyday *happy dance* *happy dance* yep glad it vanishes after sometime or else it would have been very tough to use na lol *hihi*

  6. i wish i could give it a try but coz of the overpowering smell i’ll give it a miss *nababana* *nababana* … BTW nyc review Saloni *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* .. review your other khadi products sooon 🙂

    1. Heyyy actually its smell overpowering when you smell the tub *haan ji* but when you apply you get a mild smell *hifive* and *thankyou* *thankyou* sooo much.. Will review the other products soon *hifive*

  7. I loove how pretty it looks , saloni. I am trying out that brihans aloe gel these days and loving it. I guess I’d try this next sometime. *thankyou* for sharing and lovely pictures *clap* *clap*

    1. Exactly Rati di.. It looks so refreshing *drool* i heard about brihans aloe gel but haven’t tried it yet *nababana* me using aroma treasures aloe vera gel its pretty good but stings at times *cry* so switched this one.. This is really amazing.. Do try when u get bored of brihans… *oye balle* and *thankyou* soooo much *puchhi*

  8. looks rosy n fresh..
    everyone bothered with the smell try lass naturals aloe gel. it has rose water but no perfume, color or parabens…

    1. Ohhhh is it… *woot* then i’ll try that soon *haan ji* but yes this works even more better than how it looks *happydance* give it a try *hifive*

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