Khadi Rose and Papaya Face Scrub Review

Khadi Rose and Papaya Face Scrub

Wassup, peeps? I am all good. So, I came across this product whilst finding out the only face scrub that still has not been reviewed:-p Lol!Here is how the product fared:

Claim: Removes impurities efficiently and gently polishes skin. Protects skin’s moisture balance with a beneficial essential oils. Gently and effectively remove dead skin leaving your face sparkingly fresh, pure and deep cleansed, thus unclogging your pores.


Price: Rs. 100.

My experience with Khadi Rose and Papaya Face Scrub:

The product consistency is mid-way thick and thin, it is of a very creamy consistency. The exfoliators are of a larger size compared to exfoliators found in other face scrubs. I, for one, have enjoyed this face scrub as hell. I find the large exfoliators a lot of fun to scrub with. Yes, I know, creepy liking, but hey, love is blind! :-p I love the feel of this scrub on my face. A feeling I cannot express completely, but I will tell you that I enjoy it a lot!


Smooth onto your face and keep going on with the round motion. I could go on and on if not for the stinging, scratchy feeling that you get after a few strokes. Yes, the big particles dig too deep even if you play the lightest strokes on your face, especially on the t-zone. It also causes redness even if a slight pressure is applied on the skin while applying the strokes.


However, the particles help remove dead skin and dirt off your face effectively as the product claims. It definitely unclogs pore as well. The creamy consistency provides for a much moisturized feeling while scrubbing and after and I have dry skin. This, I am guessing, is due to the presence of the “beneficial oils” as in the product claim. My skin, certainly, fells fresher, more pure and much cleansed after using this product.


The first time I used the product, as an amateur with the product, applied half a finger of the product on the face and realized that it is one of those products that come with the phrase, “a little goes a long way”. Yes, ever since, I have taken half of what I had first applied and have not felt the requirement for applying more. The product, thus lasts quite some time. The smell of the product is like that of herbal gulal mixed in rose water. Love the smell of it. Love roses, I guess you already know that!!!! And I love holi too!

The packing is very simple like all Khadi products. The cap comes off easily and goes on easily, as well. However, the cap is very ineffective. You lay the container and you are done for. Gravity plays its dutiful role and the ineffective cap allows for it. You will lose quite an amount of your scrub and end up with a goop on where you had left it. This is very annoying, I will tell you. The product goes into vacuum very easily as well due to the container because of which quite an amount of the product ends up the cap where from you have to make use.

Pros of Khadi Rose and Papaya Face Scrub

1. Does everything it claims.
2. The smell is lovely!
3. I love the feel of the product.
4. The product lasts really long.

Cons of Khadi Rose and Papaya Face Scrub

1. The big particles dig too deep to cause irritation and redness just after a few strokes.
2. The container is as ineffective as ineffective gets.

IMBB Rating: 3.9/5.

Will I purchase Khadi Rose and Papaya Face Scrub again?

I am not too sure.

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5 thoughts on “Khadi Rose and Papaya Face Scrub Review

  1. Sigh! Inspite of being chemical free why are Khadi products always so average *shock* *shock* I would have loved a chemical free working wonders because of that “natural” factor *spank*

    1. it cleans your face, it does, really! however it reddens skin pretty badly! not to mention the stingy feel after the third or fourth stroke! like its is peeling away you live skin as well.

      1. Yikes!!!! Baba re…I am running in the opposite direction now… *jogging* *jogging* I have ordered FabIndia Neem Tulsi Mud Pack…Let’s C how it turns out to be *haan ji*

  2. it does what it claims, really. however, it stings after the third stroke, like it is peeling away your live skin as well and skin tends to redden! *headbang*

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